A engine power winch is a power-driven winch machine that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise regulate the pressure of a rope or wire rope known as a wire cable.

It consists of a coil fixed to a hand crank. Usually, winches on ships mount up on wire and rope on the cylinder; those that do not gather, and instead pass on the rope are known as capstans. Different types of winches are described below:

  • Lever winch 

Lever winches are such types of winches that make use of self-gripping jaws in place of coils to transfer rope or wire with the help of winch the winch. It is powered by moving a handle back and forth, they let one person transfer objects numerous tons in load.

  • Snubbing winch

This is a vertical coil with a ratchet device as same a conventional winch but without a crank handle or other form of drive. The line is enclosed around the coil and can be stiffened or twirled in by dragging the tail line. The winch takes the weight once the jerk is stopped with mild operator stress needed to hold it. These also let the controlled release of the stress by the operator using the resistance of the line around the intensified coil. They are widely used on small marine boats and ships to control sheets and other lines, and in bigger applications to increment and release force on the primary winches.

  • Air winch

An air winch sometimes known as an air winch or air tugger is an air-powered variety of a winch. It is usually used for the stimulating and the holdup of materials. In the oil and gas, production, and oceanic industries, air winches are often chosen over electric, diesel, and hydraulic winches due to their stability, adaptability, and shelter.

The engine power winch is widely used to mount and disassembly many large material and steel structures as well as mechanical kits. This engine power winch is suitable for bridge construction, in areas where there is no access to electricity. In a word, it is apposite for far flung areas deprived of electricity or have low voltage.


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The actuator has extraordinary braking force and protection.

The product has features of small volume, dense structure, and extraordinary transmission efficiency.

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As per the needs of users, the special winch poise valve, and shuttle valve. It assumes a manual, air-filled hold device.


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