Without Trees, We Cannot Survive

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How many of you have imagined what the world would be like without trees and greenery? Close your eyes and imagine your life amid the greenery. But there is nothing like this in this world. The truth is there will be no more paper, forcing everyone to rely on technology if anyone remains.

There are 6.7 billion people in our country, and no one is speaking out against deforestation. Forests are necessary for our survival because we cannot live a happy life without them. They provide several benefits, such as wood, lumber, and gum, because they play an essential role in climate regulation. As a result, the rate of deforestation has increased.

We have seen that the US has offered various solutions to the environmental disaster of deforestation to their citizens, like sending everybody to the Moon or simply stopping chopping down the trees!

Even if our civilization survived the damage of destruction, life as we see it now, there is just half of a rain forest remains, is worthy. According to scientists, our modern world may not even have the chance to travel the Amazon rainforest in the next 50 years! However, no one would have been left to suffer the devastating effects of the global on such dry, dead earth.

Let’s look at the locally and globally consequences of deforestation:

Polluted AIR

People cannot live without trees because the air is unfit to breathe. People will need to build respirators that filter the little oxygen in the air.

Because plants are rich in carbon, which flows continuously from the atmosphere to organisms and back, human society requires thousands of plants in their environments. Carbon is the second most successful element in life, after water.


Deforestation’s harmful effect on soil is the following devastating result of forestry if the air hasn’t already wiped out everyone.

Those factors won’t be the only people affected if destruction succeeds. Toxic materials and chemicals usually filtered by trees would end up in the soil. Furthermore, since plants protect the area, soil loss is currently minimized. The ground would’ve been vulnerable and subject to nutrient depletion in the earth. Soil degradation would grow more common, and finally, all of the topsoil availability of support would be lost, and farming would collapse, forcing humanity to starve.

NO Forest products

Of all, if trees don’t exist, you won’t be able to obtain any goods from them. Each day, we consume and discard paper without realizing that we are contributing to the annual logging of four billion trees.

Vegetables, nuts, & fruits (as well as maple syrup) gathered from trees would indeed be non-existent. Agriculture growth, infrastructural development, and road building are all current sources of deforestation. Furthermore, demographic pressures, earnings, and domestic societal factors compel countries to accelerate the amount of deforestation.

Water Shortages

There are numerous questions over whether we should be now abusing non-renewable sources, but groundwater is undoubtedly the most crucial for these aspects. Human survival and agricultural processes are both dependent on freshwater. And, at some future point, freshwater supplies are becoming scarce as well. Future governments will have to make global decisions to ensure that our nations have a sufficient supply of water. For this, we must move forward on green donations, on which the government sector is working hard.