Why should you choose a hand dryer with plastic housing?


Hand dryers are common items in many public restrooms, however, Australia is still a large consumer of paper. This Is why hand dryer options must be further explored. Let’s see how to hand dryers work.

Warm air is used by conventional hand dryers to dry hands. There are also manual and automatic sensors kinds among them. Additionally, we can arrange them into groups based on the kind of cover each has. There are some with plastic and stainless steel lids.

There are additionally manual plug-in and air blade variations. They no longer use warm air to help evaporate the water off our hands. Simply blowing the water off our hands with their powerful air-blowing abilities is how this technology works.

No matter which option you choose, it is wise to consider the extra features of the products before making a purchase. Two types that at first glance seem to be similar can have significant distinctions. Let’s see the advantages of plastic housing when it comes to hand dryers.

The plastic housing is cheaper

A hand dryer with a plastic enclosure is frequently a great option when looking for a cost-effective solution for a crowded restroom. These models typically cost less than those with a stainless steel cover. They are therefore less resistant to outside stimuli. But there won’t be much of a problem if it’s not a bathroom that vandals frequently target.

Plastic covers are nearly always used in really affordable dryers. These dryers, for the most part, are not as high-quality as those with metal covers. However, good dryers will occasionally use plastic to reduce costs. One advantage is that a plastic cover can be given a good chrome treatment to make it appear more metallic.

Plastic is lightweight

Plastic housing’s low weight is a considerable advantage. Plastic is unquestionably the ideal material for your needs if you need electronic devices that are not too heavy. They are lighter and more durable than metal ones, which can help save on energy costs.

The plastic housing of the hand dryer is made from ABS plastic, which is lightweight and durable. This means that the hand dryer won’t break easily, even if it falls. The ABS plastic also has a heat-resistant property which means it will not melt or deform when in contact with hot water.

It’s easy to clean

The plastic housing hand dryers are not just easy to clean, but they are also durable. They do not corrode or rust and it is easy to polish them. With plastic housing, the hand dryer will be lighter than the stainless steel ones and the lighter weight will make it easier for people with disabilities to use them. If you think you might want to change the spot of your hand dryer in the future, having a lightweight one is a good option for those who like to redecorate. Heavy ones always require some additional help to be moved.

The plastic housing  is easier to install

Plastic housing hand dryers are the more popular choice in most cases because they are easier to install. They do not require a professional electrician for installation. All you need is a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Hand dryers with plastic housing are also cheaper than those with metal housings as they do not require additional materials and labor for installation.

Metal enclosures need finishing, however plastic enclosures don’t since plastic has a natural tendency to form smooth edges. By itself, this cuts off one stage from the manufacturing process without compromising the plastic enclosure’s robustness.

The pros of plastic housing hand dryers outweigh the cons in most cases, which is why they are the more popular choice among customers today.

It’s long-lasting

The plastic housing is durable and does not wear out quickly.

A machine with plastic housing can be used in any kind of environment. It is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t require any major maintenance. Any machine that is being used in a home should be made of materials that are safe for the environment, and plastic is one of them.

To prevent further harm to the system, plastic enclosures can withstand strong impact while maintaining their original form.

Additional advantage:

Plastic housing hand dryers are easier to use. They have built-in cable clamps that, once the electrical cable is introduced into the box, snugly hold it in place. These clamps are often in the form of small spring tabs. For many metal boxes, however, a second cable clamp must be attached to the cable before the box. However, using the plastic tabs is simpler and a little bit quicker than using a separate clamp.

To sum it up, although one might not think of plastic as an environmentally friendly option, a hand dryer is a product that you will purchase once in many years. It means that you won’t create a lot of plastic waste by using it.

Furthermore, if you want a lightweight, cost-efficient, and durable option for your bathroom, plastic-housing hand dryers provide all that for you. Even more, they are easy to install and transport, and clean.

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