Why Minimalism Is Music Production Is the Way to Go


At some point in time or other all of us have fallen in love with music tracks with minimal production. The simple arrangement of the vocals and the instruments makes the track shine. According to music experts, if your song sounds good with simple accompaniments, you are surely onto something big. The reason why a minimalist approach to music production works is not hard to see. If you try to work with a bare arrangement, you will feel the need to choose your instruments more carefully to grab the listeners’ attention. While it may be new to pop music or EDM, minimalism in music is not a new thing but is less used because it is a difficult path to tread on. Some of the top benefits of adopting a minimalist approach to music production:

Everything Has To Have a Purpose

When you make, record, or mix music, you could potentially involve a lot of different elements. According to a teacher of sound production courses, you could include a percussion loop, a chord, a compressor, or even place an additional microphone in front of an instrument. Whatever you do, you need to examine whether the element serves the song well. After including it, you can compare by muting, bypassing, or deleting it to find if it is working as well as you expected it. Many novices have the habit of applying an EQ to a channel even before they have even listened to the track, but there’s no point in doing it if the track is doing well by itself. It is important not to succumb to the temptation of tweaking the track just for the heck of it, because sometimes by not doing anything, you can allow it to remain good. According to experts, adding instruments is not the only method of making a section bigger. You can have a better impact by dripping some elements because you can reduce the fatigue factor.

Humans Have Limited Processing Power

According to research, human beings can process only three melodies simultaneously. Most people listen to the vocals and can only hear the additional melody of the guitar and keyboards, for example. Even if you have added a melodic bass or strings underneath the music, most listeners will not hear it. Further, they find the added complexity of the track makes it more difficult to understand. The best thing, a music producer can do, is think like an average listener and make it easy for him to understand the music by limiting the number of elements because listeners cannot handle too many of them. If you have to use more than three elements, you are probably trying to hide defects in the songwriting or the musical arrangement, says a BeatPro graduate.


Simple structures invariably tend to be more powerful.  The first 30 seconds of a musical track are crucial for determining whether a listener likes it. A simple structure allows you to grab the listener’s attention quickly.  It is possible to have a good impact by simply adding a chorus at the beginning. Also, adopting a simple structure forces you to use high-quality elements.

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