Are you a thrill-seeker looking to buy a new scooter? Look no further than Envy Scooters for sale. Envy is a leading brand in the scooter industry, producing high-quality, durable, and stylish scooters for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, an Envy Scooter will serve you well both on the streets and at the skate park. This article will dive into the world of Envy Scooters and discuss why they are the best choice for thrill-seekers.

1. A Brief History of Envy Scooters

Envy Scooters, also known as Blunt Scooters, was founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. The company initially focused on producing high-quality scooter parts for the growing stunt scooter scene. Over time, Envy has expanded its product range to include complete scooters for all skill levels and ages. Today, Envy Scooters For Sale is a global brand with a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

2. The Envy Scooter Range

Envy Scooters offers a wide range of scooters to cater to riders of all skill levels and preferences. Their scooter range can be divided into three main categories: beginner scooters, pro scooters, and complete scooters.

a. Beginner Scooters

Envy’s beginner scooters are designed for riders who are just starting out in the world of scootering. These scooters are built with stability and ease of use in mind, allowing new riders to learn tricks and gain confidence on their scooter. Some popular beginner scooters from Envy include the Envy One Series 3 and the Envy Colt Series 5.

b. Pro Scooters

For more advanced riders, Envy offers a range of pro scooters that are built for performance and durability. These scooters are designed for riders who spend a lot of time at the skate park and need a scooter that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Popular pro scooters from Envy include the Envy Prodigy Series 9 and the Envy KOS Series 7.

c. Complete Scooters

Envy also offers a range of complete scooters, which are pre-assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box. These scooters are suitable for riders of all skill levels and offer a balance of performance and durability. Some popular Envy complete scooters include the Envy S8 Prodigy and the Envy KOS Charge S6.

The Benefits of Choosing an Envy Scooter

There are several factors that make Envy Scooters for Sale the best choice for thrill-seekers.

a. Durability

Envy Scooters are built with high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of frequent use and complex tricks. The brand’s reputation for durability is one of the main reasons why Envy is a popular choice among professional scooter riders.

b. Performance

Envy Scooters are designed with performance in mind, offering features such as lightweight construction, smooth bearings, and responsive brakes. These features allow riders to perform tricks with ease and precision, making Envy Scooters a top choice for those looking to push their limits.

c. Style

In addition to their performance and durability, Envy Scooters are also known for their stylish designs. Envy offers a range of scooter colors and graphics, allowing riders to express their personal style while riding.

4. Envy Scooter Parts and Customization

One of the advantages of choosing an Envy Scooter is the wide range of Envy Scooter parts available for customization. Riders can easily upgrade or replace parts on their scooter, allowing them to tailor their ride to their preferences and skill level. Popular Envy scooter parts include wheels, bars, forks, and clamps.

5. Where to Buy Envy Scooters for Sale

Envy Scooters For Sale are available for sale at a variety of retailers, both online and in-store. Popular online retailers include the Envy Scooters website, Amazon, and various specialty scooter shops. For those who prefer to shop in person, many skate and scooter shops stock Envy Scooters and parts.


Envy Scooters are the best choice for thrill-seekers looking to purchase a high-quality, durable, and stylish scooter. With options for beginners, pros, and everyone in between, Envy offers a scooter for every rider. The availability of Envy scooter parts and customization options ensures that riders can tailor their scooter to their preferences and skill level. With Envy Scooters, you’ll be ready to hit the skate park and push your limits in no time.