Why do Beauty Influencers Matter In Beauty Industry Marketing?

Since the Egyptians, maybe even before, people have been using different products to enhance their appearance. Hence, the cosmetic and beauty industry is not new but has been evolving for decades. We find diversification and the emergence of recent trends more than ever before. The frequent changes can be attributed to the fact that we are more concerned about the image we create on social media and the rise of the ‘selfie-culture.’ As a result, the beauty industry is making its presence felt, tying up with the people who know how to leverage the social media culture – beauty influencers.

Why Do Beauty Influencers Matter? 

There is no denying that influencer marketing has its challenges and considerable potential. As a marketing strategy, influencer marketing continues to be a critical method in promoting beauty and cosmetic brands for the connection it can make with the audience. One of the crucial reasons that brands mainly deal with cosmetic and beauty products is to use influencers in their marketing strategy to establish the authenticity of the products. Influencers respect and admire their followers, and brands use this aspect to promote their products.

The Influencing Beauty from Celebrity Intelligence reported in a survey that 98 percent of the beauty industry believed that influencer marketing is vital. Also, for every £1 spent on influencer marketing, the brand can get an average return of £8.81.

In such a scenario utilizing beauty influencers for marketing becomes a key criterion for making the brand’s presence felt. But if you are still not convinced, continue reading to note how beauty influencers are changing the game to become an integral part of the industry.

Influencers Shaping The Beauty Industry 

Over the years, beauty influencers who started as a supporter of brands close to them have evolved into collaborating with the brands and becoming brands themselves. A couple of examples can be Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan. Both started as influencers and then launched their beauty and cosmetic brands.

But it is not only these two celebrities who had made a name for themselves in other sectors like Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty range. It was once reported which brand – Kylie Cosmetics or Fenty Beauty would reach the billion-dollar mark first in the industry.

The fact that the beauty industry has collaborated with influencers for a long time is reaping the benefit of the trend. Not only are the beauty influencers launching their brands, but they are being coveted.

The success of these brands like Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty range, and Kylie cosmetics indicates how influencers have increased their footfall and shaped the market trends.

Consumers drive the Market

More than ever before, the market is being dictated by consumers. No longer are the consumers satisfied by only what they are being served. They have their demands and want them to be met. Consumers are getting their voices heard, thanks to the beauty influencers. Influencers are taking up diversification, and the trend of transparency has become an utmost criterion in the selection of products by consumers.

No longer are they interested in airbrushed, glossy mega-rich celebrity campaigns. The buyers want honest reviews and opinions about the products on social media platforms. It has been reported by Cosmetic Design that users are interested in finding brands that have ethical credentials. They want to know the brand’s story, the materials’ sourcing, and whether they are into sustainable beauty and cosmetic products.

In another report, it has been revealed that brands must address consumer expectations to stay relevant in the market. Independent brands collaborating with nano and micro-influencers in influencing marketing niches are now much more in demand with the influencer marketing strategy with online purchases. Traditional and heritage brands still using celebrity marketing campaigns are losing the industry’s monopoly.

This show that digital marketing using influencers in the beauty and cosmetic industries has become an essential strategy to be significant in the market.

Engagement Is The Key 

One of the other reasons that have made the influencers so relevant and vital in the makeup, beauty, and skincare industry is because of the engagement they offer. Consumers see the influencers as part of their community’s extension, like a friend they can depend on to get honest feedback about a brand and product.

When content is sponsored, the reliability is more on the influencer by incorporating a disclaimer. Since the influencers show themselves as real people, where the contents are an extension of their life and engage with the followers, the brands leverage this aspect.

Another shift in the engagement aspect upheld by the influencers is the diversification of the market. When the influencers are creating content on beauty and skincare products, it is no longer limited to women. Influencers have been catering to products for men too, by giving them reviews and usages of different products. As a result, premium brands like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs have launched cosmetics and a range of beauty products that cater to men only.

With the help of social media platforms, the influencers have created a strong relationship with the consumers for authenticity and a unique voice. In the digital age, any brand that wishes to up their game needs to ensure they engage with the audience, and there is no better way to ensure than using influencers.

In The Conclusion

The beauty and cosmetic industry has been evolving and diversifying like never before. Beauty and cosmetic brands need to keep up with the marketing strategies, and since the intrusive advertisements no longer work, real people – the beauty influencers- are the answer to the brands.

If you are into the beauty and cosmetic products business and looking for influencers to make your mark in the market, then find the best influencers for your niche brands and products at influencer.

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