Which objects are the most fragile in a move?

how to move artifacts

We may discover that some delicate objects have been damaged or lost during a move.

Moving can cause damage to vases, artifacts, electronic equipment, or other valuable objects. These objects can be damaged by errors in packaging and transport.

In some cases, however, improperly handling packages can cause irreparable damage to our belongings. While many companies have insurance that covers loss, some objects are irreplaceable. The moving companies Bowmanville can help you with all these tasks.

If there aren’t adequate protection measures, the risk of objects being broken is very high. Movers have extensive experience moving fragile items or other special-shaped items. We can avoid damage by properly packaging these items, clearly identifying their fragile nature, and using specialized advice.

While some objects are fragile, we don’t know what objects have such great fragility. Some objects are very resistant, but others require special transport measures. Let’s find out which fragile or delicate items require the greatest care during a move.


Moving Tips:

We are especially anxious about moving because of the fragility and high price of many of our possessions. Also, we all know that they could be damaged, lost, or otherwise unusable upon arrival. We must do the following to prevent their suffering during the move:

  1. Use packaging techniques and materials, adapting to each object.
  2. This graphic identifies in a clear and legible way the fragility of our objects. Many stickers are available that can indicate whether an object’s fragility is indicated. It is important to indicate the direction they should travel. Although it might not appear like it, it can be very useful information for some objects.
  3. These boxes should be left for last, so they can be loaded last and unloaded first. We must inform the movers about your condition.


These are the 10 most delicate items in a move

Vases and glasses

To use its ceramic, glass, and clay materials. They are fragile and prone to breaking.

Art, sculptures, and paintings

They are highly valuable in economic terms, but they can also be easily damaged or broken.

Monitors, televisions, and computers

It is important to take extra care to avoid scratches or damage to these screens.

Air conditioners and refrigerators

While they are extremely resistant equipment, it is important to load and transport them with care to avoid internal damage.

Glass, windows, and crystals

These objects by their nature are fragile and delicate. They must be protected from bumps and scratches.

Wooden or cabinetry pieces

Contact with water and scuffs can irreparably cause irreparable damage.

Objects with high sentimental value

While they don’t have high commercial value, photographs, heirlooms, and family objects can be damaged in transportation. Therefore, it is important to pack these items correctly.

Collection pieces

Due to the unique nature of these objects, they are susceptible to losing their order and deterioration.


Legal, personal, and property documents must be given special care and protected from moisture and breakage.

Accessories and lamps

Some lamps or decoration pieces are fragile and should be handled carefully during the move.

Moving companies can help us to ensure that our belongings arrive at their destination in good condition.

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