Which Hair Colour Brand is The Best and Harmless?

It looks like every day; we’re discovering more methods to shop for magnificent products that are neater, more sufferable, and with fewer chemicals. From sunscreens to fragrances and shampoos, it feels like everything is obtaining a sparkly green upgrade. But what occurs when a product as important as hair dye is developed with natural ingredients? We need dye to coat our roots and get us to our summertime goals—the room for the misconception is pretty slim. But fear not, natural hair colour can be just as useful as and less annoying than conventional box colours.

How does hair colouring work?

It functions by painting each strand with colour (non-permanent colour) or by infiltrating each hair cuticle, joining the hair cortex, and connecting with the hair (permanent colour). While non-permanent hair colour can be shampooed out ultimately, permanent colour, as the phrase indicates, perpetually keeps up on the hair. Nevertheless, since hair continually thrives, the colour will ultimately grow out.

Customers allowing for a change in hair colour have a preference for colouring agents to use. What differentiates them is how long they last and how they colour their hair. There are quite a few alternatives obtainable ranging from non-permanent to permanent hair colours. But before doing anything, you must once acknowledge all types pros and cons of hair

Indus Valley Damage Free Gel Hair Colour

Looking for a harmless hair colour then you must check out Indus valley damage free hair gel for colouring your hair. They ate free from any type of chemical and synthetic colours. Damage Free Gel colour for hair, this gel is ammonia-free Hair Colour and has no hydrogen peroxide (bleach) in it. Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that bleaches hair for putting aside the dye, in favor of transforming the naturally coloured hair to greys. Heretofore gel colour is a Natural Hair Colour and does not retain hydrogen peroxide in it, it only colours the already grey hair and not the initially coloured hair. In other words, it won’t strip away the natural colour of your hair.

And, since being loaded with the goodness of 8 super-exotic hair care herbs that nourish and condition hair, it not just nullifies further greying, but also prevents dryness, roughness, and breakage of hair otherwise caused by chemical hair colours.

It is an innovative PPD Free Hair Color with a damage-free formulation that allows you to colour your hair at home in just 35 minutes and lasts up to 5 weeks. Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour comes in 6 vibrant elegant shades allowing you to experiment with this Organic Hair Colour more freely, especially if you are new to it. It is a 100% vegan & Cruelty-Free Hair Colour.

Final Words

Please leave any additional advice on when and how to dye your hair in the comments section below. In order to help you become attractive naturally from the inside out, our health and beauty specialists will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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