Companies that produce mobile gadgets release new models of Bluetooth headsets every year. The design of the headset differs from the usual headphones in that there is a microphone. This eliminates the need to bring the mobile phone to your face when you need to talk to someone.

It must be admitted that the volume of proposals is impressive. And that’s not counting third-party companies. And they also want to find their place in the huge market for such goods. How to choose a Bluetooth headset for your phone? Choose so that it is suitable in all respects and meets all your requirements.

Do not rush to make a choice. Before that, you must decide on the need for a wire. Bluetooth technology has become widespread among mobile devices.

When the phone has the Bluetooth option, then it is compatible with the Bluetooth headset. Today, even many push-button phones support Bluetooth. And about the support of smartphones and not worth mentioning.

There was a time when Bluetooth headsets were a must-have accessory for businessmen. And they, to make it convenient to talk without taking a mobile phone out of their pocket, constantly used this accessory.

However, wireless headsets are now ubiquitous. What are the reasons for this? Significant reduction in price. Ease of use. And to everything – the sea of ​​various models, which are manufactured by hundreds of companies.

With wire or without wire?

Let us dwell on what are the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Wireless Connection

This Bluetooth headset for phones is more compact. And yet its main advantage is that it is independent of the smartphone. No need to take the gadget out of your pocket when you call or call you.

Please note that more advanced models have rich functionality. Headphones that stop playing music themselves if the accessory is removed from the ear.

Some points to think about. High cost is the main limiting factor for someone who buys a Bluetooth headset.

Let’s not forget that the devices operate on batteries. That is why they need to be recharged from time to time. There are expensive models that cannot work offline for more than five hours. When choosing a wireless headset for phone with a microphone, it is important to consider these points.

Standard Wires

A wired headset is a simple and reliable option. However, thin wires are constantly tangled, unless, of course, they are made of rubberized material. But these do not tolerate low temperatures. There are other disadvantages as well. But they are cheap.

Mono or stereo?

How to choose Bluetooth headphones for your phone? Immediately you need to pay attention to the sound quality.


Depending on the design, the microphone and controls are in different ways: not only on the case but also on the wires. Such models are usually heavier. In addition, they are not as compact as compared to traditional ones. A headset with stereo sound is more expensive. But the sound quality is great. They also have their drawbacks, of course.

This can be explained by the short battery life. This problem has not yet been resolved. Another disadvantage is that the mount is not very convenient. It is in the form of an ear mount, a wire, or an occipital hoop. What to choose? You decide this question yourself, based on your criteria.

Please note that there are already headsets under the Apple brand, made in the form of headphones that are separated from each other.


These are traditional Bluetooth headsets. They are attached to one ear. They have only one channel of sound – mono. Models are designed for those who need to be constantly in touch. Let’s say because the work suggests it.

The design of a mono headset is much simpler than a stereo one. She has one earpiece and mount. The microphone is built into the case. In some cases, he can distinguish even voice commands.

They weigh little – no more than 10 g. They are compact. It is impossible to listen to music on such headsets in acceptable quality. After all, there is only one earpiece. The controls for such headsets are on the case.

Battery life is 7-8 hours. This is quite enough. After all, mono headsets are very convenient for working in the office or while traveling in a car.