Those who are acquainted with game distribution networks such as Steam will soon grasp what Ultra is. Ultra bills as its own PC gaming system that offers a number of industry solutions to both players and game producers. Ultra blockchain system is an accessible marketplace where individuals can trade with their products and games while making some bucks through Ultra system’s involvement. At the same time, game makers may profit from innovative business models, SDKs, and blockchain technologies. Ultra has a lot to offer in its roadmap. In this article, we will have a look at the roadmap of Ultra. 


The Roadmap Of Ultra

1. Ultra Marketplace

The market of Ultra is most likely the thing that Ultra has shown to crypto enthusiasts all around the world. It remains a critical element of the greater puzzle that Ultra is attempting to construct. The team behind would like to begin this phase by providing an update on the way the marketplace is progressing. The executives have already reviewed the current condition of the Ultra marketplace, what type of services people might expect in the future, and release schedules. When the market of Ultra grows, it is clear that its UOS coin will grow. You can start investing right now. 


2. AAA Titles And Games

The community of Ultra is eagerly looking for the AAA titles that are going to make Ultra the next big thing in the next coming years. The team is nevertheless keeping its cards close to the chest, but they are very much sure users would try to learn more about some PC games that were produced and will be in the future. Some executives talked about future sports and FPS games. When it comes to gaming, Ultra is presently in the 2nd wave and will be extending into the 3rd wave. The executives reviewed how this extended access may function.


3. The Tournament Platform

The tournament platform is an exciting component of the project on which Ultra is working. Ultra’s team is very much confident that this component will really be unique, and it is sure that Ultra will improve the entire ecosystem because of the deep integration of many things.

The executives have stated the way this component will function, how individuals would have access from within Ultra, and how games, Uniqs and broadcasting will be integrated into tournaments. It is necessary for the tournament platform to be unique and innovative. P2E games excel because of this feature most of the time. 


4. Mobile App And Wallet Updates

The team will start improving the Ultra wallet’s usability with certain crucial characteristics to make the wallet safe and helpful. It was recently discussed how the team members would improve platform security with hard wallets, 2FA support, and upgrades. Aside from these security features, the fresh inventory platform, transfer history, and the planned referral network are all described. In the next coming years, the team will further release a mobile app to back up the platform. The capabilities that Ultra’s mobile solution will provide have been discussed. A mobile app will offer a huge benefit to the users. 


What About The UOS Coin?

UOS coin is the native token of the Ultra ecosystem. Ultra has created its own modified EOSIO network, with the goal of providing simple user profile registration and increased transaction performance through improved allocation of resources. Ultra has collaborations with the semiconductor manufacturer AMD and Ubisoft, a well-known gaming company. The UOS token fulfills a number of functions inside the Ultra ecosystem, both at the transaction and staking levels. If you want to spend some dollars on UOS, you should definitely look for the latest UOS coin price prediction. According to it, the UOS coin may hit $3 by the year’s end. 

The best exchanges you can trust while trading with UOS are KuCoin,, Bithumb, Bitfinex and Uniswap. Uniswap is the only decentralized exchange that is supporting trade with the UOS coin. Liquidity is high with these exchanges. Perhaps, many are optimistic about the coin’s future trajectory. Moreover, the currency has done well in the last year. Having said that, cryptocurrency is very unpredictable, and new competitors are continuously developing, which may decrease Ultra’s momentum. Your investment is determined by your financial situation and investment objectives. Investing is a very individual endeavor. Take calculated risks because such cryptocurrencies are volatile. 

Final Thoughts

So, in this post, you have seen much about the roadmap of Ultra. Ultra boasts hundreds of capabilities that aid game creators in front as well as backend operations. In addition to assisting developers in marketing their projects, the cryptocurrency allows them to seamlessly build up product shops, upload gaming assets, and handle their configuration, branch releases, and dissemination with simplicity. Moreover, by allowing all virtual commodities to be converted into assets, developers are allegedly able to more efficiently monetize their services. The trends for the UOS coin are going to be bullish. Start analyzing it and make a move.