What Role English Plays In Career Development?

english role in career development

English has been accepted as the global language. It is spoken by a major population throughout the world. Some nations have English as their native language. But English is being used globally as the language of international discourse. For sure, English has broken bars of linguistic diversity. It has helped in communications among nations.

English had been adopted as one of the official languages of India. The courts, parliament, and administration all use English at work to communicate in black and white. Most of the offices, organizations, and companies in India run their day-to-day tasks in English. Be it any profession, you have to use this language. Proficiency in English can make your work easier. Doesn’t matter what career you choose; knowledge of English will assist you everywhere. Having good communication skills in English is like being the savior among the newcomers.

English at Work

The place where you begin your day as in your career is your workplace. The way you perform at your office, determines your future possibilities. Not only work, one has to give equal importance to the networking too. Networking means maintaining a good relation with your coworkers. And when you have good command over communication skills, you end up being one of the most likable persons.

Be it profession or communication, English is essential in both of them. In your mundane work life, you must be writing reports, reviewing files, signing documents, etc. Good English knowledge will enable you understand the matters in an easy way. As a result, you may complete the tasks before the deadline. This way you can be appreciated by your colleagues for writing a fine report or minutes in a meeting, you should have a fine knowledge of grammar and rich vocabulary. Summing up, knowing English can relax your workload to an extent.

English in Professional Life

If you look at the aspects of communication, spoken English is quite important in a corporate. Generally, employees discuss work issues in English at office. English communication is one of the inseparable parts of office culture nowadays and every employee adheres to that. Being a newcomer, if one lacks English communication skills, minding relations could be a gruesome task for you. With finely groomed English, you can frankly share your ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. with your colleagues. You could be able to completely express yourself in front of your boss. English can help you in collaborating and cooperating when you are a part of a team. You would enjoy a good relationship with your teammates.

Let’s move to another part; office meetings and presentations. These are some of the critical activities at office. You cannot ignore these discussions. Good listening skills can help you to observe the gist of whatever each speaker says. You can raise questions and counter statements when you possess adequate spoken English. Sometimes, you can be asked to address the audience. You can easily tackle the situation with proper oral English. Your presentations are better when you speak fluent English.

English in business settings:

The necessity of English goes to another level in the business sector because as a business person, you are supposed to regularly communicate with clients. You may have to frequently attend the calls and answer their queries in English. Your productivity, and pro activeness in the communication is directly linked to the end consumer’s satisfaction. So, in order to satisfy them you may have to speak English confidently. To turn good deals into your favor, you need to be the master at communication al English.

English for global communication

Many a time, you get to travel overseas when you are working in a global company. Without proper English knowledge, you can’t achieve your mission at some unknown place. You need to have basic understanding of either their language or a common language that would work as the mediator and that is generally English nowadays to interact with international business partners. Good communication will flourish your relations with foreign clients and partners.

English can help you stay  updated

The global economy is changing at a quick pace. When you belong to a business fraternity, you should be updated about the frequent changes that take place in the market. And, for this many business persons, rely on the search engine called Google. Google provides all kinds of information and articles easily at your desk. If you have enough knowledge of English; you will have no problem navigating through web pages.

Thus, you can see that English communication skills make you influential and also has what it takes to transform your professional image. It is about you learning a new language rather than just English. This can gradually develop your reputation and elevate you to new career heights. You might have understood well the value of this universal language. Being apt in learning and using it can ensure your promotions or selection in better jobs. Furthermore, it can assist you in your career. Learning another language grooms your personality. So, learn English in order to uplift your future career to whole new heights!

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