What is the difference between Ensmile Aligners and other Invisible Aligners

ensmile aligners

Those who choose to use Ensmile invisible Aligners in their orthodontic process are now faced with other options for national invisible aligners. This has generated many doubts, as there are some differences between them. Next, learn about the best option for invisible braces and how to choose the best orthodontic method for your case!

Ensmile Aligners – Pioneering and Credibility

Certainly, the Ensmile Clear braces were the first model in Pakistan of invisible braces, which revolutionized orthodontic options. It is successful all over the world, with thousands of satisfied patients, standing out for being more practical, discreet, and efficient in the correction of teeth positioning. This technology has been developed and tested for several years.


Ensmile Clear Aligners: speed, discretion, and comfort

It is an option for those who do not want to use traditional braces, which leave a metallic smile, but who have the need for dental correction. After all, no one can resist a perfect smile and orthodontics offers, in addition to a technical solution, more self-esteem and aesthetic contentment.

In this way, if you have problems such as overbite, crowded teeth, open bite, and cross bite, for example, Ensmile braces are very suitable and effective.

Advantages of Ensmile Aligners:

Ensmile has the most advanced technology among other orthodontic appliances. It is a model of removable device, developed in transparent material.

After a digital scan of your dental arch, several aligners are produced in the 3D printer, which will be used at each stage of treatment. This material imposes force on the teeth, which precisely aligns them, positioning them correctly.

In this way, Ensmile Aligners offers great advantages, such as:

  • It is much more comfortable than other devices.
  • Reduces the need for wear time – it can be up to 2 times faster than conventional dental appliances.
  • It is removable, making it possible to do a much more efficient cleaning.
  • It is transparent, unlike metal braces. Discretion is one of your strengths.
  • It has less need for visits to the dentist’s office in its maintenance.
  • This is a very efficient treatment for many reasons – such as the SmartTrack technology of your material, which applies force to the right need.
  • It is less painful than other types of braces.
  • Improves patient self-esteem!


How does Ensmile Aligners treatment work? 

The treatment of this type of aligner consists of a succession of personalized shapes (depending on the patient) made of a transparent material that goes unnoticed, very different from the traditional device.

This means that the patient uses each of these forms for about 22 hours a day, for a period of one to two weeks and is only removed during meals and oral hygiene. After this time, they are replaced by another mold and so the process is successive as each mold stimulates the necessary movements to align the teeth.

It is a much more comfortable treatment as the aligners are not fixed to the teeth which facilitates their hygiene and they can also be removed, for example, on special occasions.

When visiting the dental office, these occur with an interval of approx. 6 to 8 weeks, as a follow-up dental checkup is essential. At each visit, the patient receives 3 or 4 casts, allowing treatment to continue at home.


Ensmile Braces X Other Invisible Aligners

Recently, other invisible devices appeared in the Pakistani market. Of course, each model has its differences. All are characterized by being removable, discreet, and easy to fit.

Invisible aligners with national technology are a little cheaper compared to Ensmile. However, one factor that should not be overlooked when making a comparison is treatment time and effectiveness.

Ensmile is the pioneer and remains at the forefront of this technology, with other technical and technological advantages that go beyond the device, precisely because it has been on the market for much longer.

In fact, Ensmile ‘s technology is proprietary, and the material is state-of-the-art – as is the case with the Smart Force and SmartTrack lines, offering treatment up to twice as fast as other invisible braces.

That’s why we can say that the Ensmile device has a superior quality, ideal for simple and complex treatments – which many invisible aligners do not solve – with total safety and guarantee for the customer.

Ensmile follows the evolution of the patient’s bite.

What’s the best option?

Finally, the best option is still the Ensmile braces. But it’s important to talk to your dentist to assess your profile. Ordinary invisible braces can be very effective in faster and less complex cases or for those on a modest budget. But Ensmile is in fact much more efficient and qualified, a technology tested and studied around the world, which offers faster and more efficient orthodontic treatment.

Book your Appointment with Ensmile and get to know the invisible appliances better!

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