The idea that Tuesday is the only day of the week that is best for saving money on flights is the stuff of legends. And like many good tales, it has some basis in fact. However, that isn’t the entire tale. In actuality, flight costs are subject to sudden fluctuations throughout the day in response to demand. Booking on Tuesdays won’t get you a bargain because airlines don’t refill on the same day every week as grocery stores do. But, if you’re ready to go on Saturdays or during the week, when there is less demand than normal, you might be able to locate some small savings. Here are the results of the statistics on the ideal days and times to book a flight. 

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What is the best day to book a Spirit Flight Ticket

There’s no ideal day of the week to purchase airline tickets. Due to demand-driven fluctuations in airline pricing, you may discover bargains any day of the week. There is no real pattern to which day of the week offers the greatest deals; airlines may run specials, add seats on a route, or even cut costs to compete with rivals. 

The expensive days to leave for domestic travel are Sundays and Mondays. Should you be unable to go during the most affordable days, consider booking a flight on Tuesdays or Fridays. On these days, the average airfare is almost 12% less than the peak Sunday rates.

In the meantime, travellers abroad would be well advised to depart on Wednesdays or Saturdays, as these days are often the least expensive for foreign travel. Nonetheless, for the majority of foreign routes, there isn’t much of a price difference between the days of the week. According to Hopper, traveling to Europe on a Wednesday will only result in a 10% savings over the expensive day, which is Friday. 

How to get deals or offers on Spirit Booking

The days leading up to a vacation usually see a rise in flight travel, which means fewer tickets available and higher costs. Make your reservation as soon as you can to obtain the best price. Locking in a good deal in advance doesn’t harm, and if the price of the flight reduces in the months that follow, you can always rebook because many airlines provide flexible cancellation policies. The optimum time to book a mid-December holiday ticket is 71 days prior to departure, according on Google Flights’ 2023 data. You can check avail the membership and other deals to get offers on booking your Spirit Flight ticket. 

Which days should be avoid for booking Spirit Airlines Ticket

You can check the full month fare calendar for getting the updates of high fare days for particular route. However it depends on the time duration as well. If it is a peak season for visiting that particular place, fare might be higher while in off season you may get high-low any price according to the decided fare slab of airlines. Usually on weekends, prices are higher in comparison to any other day.

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