We often don’t think about our headlights — until we’re stuck driving at night, in dense fog or during severe weather. The risk that reduced visibility poses is evident: More than half of all traffic deaths occur at night, and around 38,700 crashes take place when foggy conditions are present. Better quality headlights improve your odds while driving in low lighting, but it also increases your confidence behind the wheel of your Honda Pilot. Keep reading to discover some 2006 Honda Pilot headlight bulb options that can help you drive safer.

Crisp, White Light with the SilverStar

Power high beams should project a crisp, clear light at a far distance. The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra bulb delivers stellar performance in these qualities, thanks to its unique construction. It pairs a super-durable coil and filament with a proprietary gas mixture for dependable long-term illumination. It also incorporates a patented tri-band blue coating that shifts its light to a slightly cooler hue and improves its downroad projection.

Why Cooler Light Improves Clarity

Besides the SilverStar Ultra, you may have seen other 2008 Honda Pilot headlight bulb options that put out cooler white light. This isn’t an aesthetic choice: It’s a practical one. To understand why, it’s worth exploring how light color temperature works.

When we consider color temperature, we’re not talking about the literal heat put out by a light source. Rather, we mean how warm or cool the light beam is. Warmer light usually reflects more yellow wavelengths, which photoreceptor cells in our eyes detect. When they transmit signals to our brains, the light we see is interpreted as yellow. Something similar happens when we see cool white light: It appears more bluish-white to us because it’s reflecting more blue wavelengths.

We measure light color temperature in degrees Kelvin. Cooler light is usually 4,500 Kelvin or greater. Cool daylight measures between 5,000 and 6,500 Kelvin. Its crisper quality helps us see objects more clearly, an important feature when it comes to reading road signs or spotting potential hazards at night. Sylvania’s SilverStar Ultra puts out a cooler light to illuminate objects both further ahead and to the sides.

Increased Down Road Visibility with XtraVision

Our headlights consist of both high and low beams. While the SilverStar Ultra is an excellent high-beam 2011 Honda Odyssey headlight bulb, you also need an option of equal quality for your low beams. Enter the Sylvania XtraVision, a low-beam bulb that improves downroad visibility with its cooler white beam.

The XtraVision uses a similar filament to the SilverStar Ultra plus the same proprietary gas mixture. It puts out a light beam of up to 1,700 lumens with a temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. This combination of brightness and cool white color is excellent at illuminating details in low lighting: It projects more light downroad than standard Sylvania headlamp bulbs.

Visibility: Key to Safe Driving

Choosing a higher-quality headlight bulb is a worthwhile investment. You improve your driving safety when conditions are less than optimal. You can find both the XtraVision and the SilverStar Ultra at your favorite aftermarket auto parts and accessories store.