Ethereum: what is it and what is the Ether?

Ethereum has been seen as a new gold mine for quite some time now. More and more people, including even people from Ede, are investing in this striking cash cow. But what exactly is Ethereum and what do you need to know about it? Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is active in blockchain technology. Since 2014, Ethereum has been trying to form the basis of a new kind of internet on that system. On this basis, it should be possible to launch so-called DAPS as well as smart contracts without the intervention of a party or a bank without any problems and with full privacy. With that backbone, people can make financial transactions anonymously, as they do with Bitcoin, for example.

This is directly the biggest difference with Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you can transfer a digital value from person to person without going through a bank. Ethereum is the name for the entire network. However, like Bitcoin, Ethereum has a digital currency called the Ether to make the system work properly. You may have guessed it: you can purchase that virtual currency. The following also applies: the more people invest in Ether, the higher the Ethereum price will be. All in all, the whole system behind this kind of cryptocurrency is not even very difficult; you just have to sit down for a while to understand it a little better. In any case, it is good to know that you can invest in Ether just like with Bitcoin.

Advantages of investing in Ether from Ethereum

That also means that there are various advantages to investing in cryptocurrency Ether. One of the biggest advantages is that the Ethereum price is currently doing very well. Although that price is volatile, it is one of the reasons why people are now investing massively in cryptocurrency. Fortunately, there are also a number of advantages that are certain. These include:

The Ether can be used to make fast transactions, even worldwide. You can quickly transfer digital money from the Netherlands via Ethereum to the other side of the world.
Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is decentralized, which means that there is no bank as an intermediary.
You can pay in a very safe way with Ether. Today you can even pay at many web shops with this digital currency.
Where the amount of Bitcoin is fixed, Ether is unlimited. There is no maximum set for the Ether. The possibilities with these coins are endless.
The development of Ethereum is seen as one of the most interesting in the cryptocurrency field.
Privacy is central to Ethereum. Transactions are done completely anonymously.
Are there also disadvantages to investing in Ethereum? Yes. The only major drawback is that this type of digital money, like other cryptocurrencies, varies in value. One day the Ethereum price can be very interesting, while the next day it completely collapses due to external factors. You should know that such an investment always comes with the necessary risks.

Ethereum in 2021: What are the Forecasts?

You can get Ethers in exchange for goods or services, you can buy them and you can mine Ethers. Most people choose to buy them through an online provider or directly from the provider. Right now, in early 2021, things are looking rosy for the value of the Ether. This is partly due to the corona crisis and its consequences. More and more people, especially entrepreneurs, were looking for other, new ways to invest. The ‘normal’ economy became less interesting, sparking interest in cryptocurrency. That provided a significant boost to the Ethereum price with even records at the beginning of 2021.

Currently, the value of the Ether is still rising and is higher than it has ever been. Experts expect this to continue as long as people continue to invest in cryptocurrency. That’s because there is no set number of coins available with Ethereum, but there are endless possibilities. New coins can constantly be created on the Ethereum system, so it can certainly be interesting to get in now. Only do this with money that you can afford to lose and remember that the Ethereum price can always collapse.

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