This parameter is relevant only for wireless gadgets. The higher version of Bluetooth used, the lower the power consumption of the device and the greater the range. It is very important to consider that the smartphone module must support the same Bluetooth version:

  • 0 – the Bluetooth option, which is obsolete, is in cheap push-button phones.
  • 1 – the option is slightly more energy efficient, but still outdated, and therefore it has not found application in modern mobile gadgets.
  • 0 – the version is more energy-intensive, and data transfer is faster (24 Mbps).
  • 0 is a significantly more energy-efficient version than those listed above.
  • 1 – along with energy efficiency, the range has become larger.

When choosing earbuds wireless waterproof, it makes no sense to analyze models that support protocol versions older than 3.0. Those versions above will be enough to transmit music with high quality (as far as the protocol itself allows it), as well as to talk without any distortion.

Generally, newer versions of Bluetooth offer better battery savings. However, in a particular case, it is important to know what experienced users say and what are the test results of specific models. The operating time is largely determined by the battery capacity and the internal logic of the headset.

What technologies are used?

To select a Bluetooth headset for your phone, you need to understand the connection technology. Modern headset models can support the following Bluetooth technologies:

  • This audio codec will allow you to listen to music in high quality. However, not all mobile devices support it.
  • This technology helps the headset receive good-quality stereo sound.
  • This profile helps the headset communicate with the mobile device remotely.

Other nuances of choosing a Bluetooth headset for your phone

Ask how users respond to a particular model. As a rule, on thematic forums, people write differently than on the resources of online stores. Read reviews on products in both the middle price category and the expensive ones. This information will help you choose.

A little about additional features.

  • Vibrations will let you feel that you are being called.
  • Active noise cancellation. “Inserts” can do without this feature. But overhead headphones really need it.
  • Control block. These are the keys. They help to adjust the sound volume and switch recordings. Always consider the compatibility of this unit with a smartphone.
  • You will almost always use the headset when the phone is in your pocket or on the table. A user who will walk back and forth within the office when the phone is on his desk must consider the range.

With rare exceptions, manufacturers indicate the maximum range. Please note that in real conditions it is greatly reduced. Sometimes half. After all, everywhere there are walls, doors, other barriers.


You should make sure that while you are choosing your Bluetooth headsets. You get the right parameters for your requirements. It’s a tricky thing to understand but if you research deeply. Then, it will be easier to decide.