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Yes, Edinburgh is one of the most unique destinations in the United Kingdom and there’s nothing more exciting than exploring it in a hire car. Its palaces and monuments built on the rocks rise majestically above the city and the surrounding landscape. At the same time, its amazing nature around will immerse you in the world of beauty and perfection. 

So, Edinburgh has a lot to offer if you’re looking for great ideas for spring outings. Here’re some of the best places you can enjoy…

Edinburgh Castle 

A powerful fortress built on top of volcanic rock is a world-famous architectural monument. This castle has dominated the city for centuries. 

For many years, Edinburgh Castle has been a military fortress, a royal palace, a garrison, and a prison for prisoners of war. Today, it’s home to jewels from the royal treasury, three war museums, the Scottish National War Memorial, and more. That’s why, at the height of the tourist season, Edinburgh Castle is full of tourists. However, the castle itself occupies a large area, so it’s always spacious to walk there. 

If you are going to visit the castle during the high season, then purchase tickets through the official website in advance. This will save you time and avoid queuing for tickets.


Dean Village 

Dean Village is one of Edinburgh’s most charming spots situated only 5 minutes’ walk from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. It’s a village with beautiful medieval houses almost untouched by time. 

In the past, there were several water mills in this narrow, deep valley along the River Leith, and many millers lived in Dean Village itself. Then, the old mills, warehouses, and stables were restored and converted into residential buildings. So, today it’s one of the prestigious residential areas of the city. All this makes it an ideal place for quiet and relaxing walks along the river.


The Royal Mile 

The Royal Mile, which is actually just over a mile, offers a walk full of architectural masterpieces and historical sites. It consists of four medieval streets that stretched from Edinburgh Castle to the Royal Holyrood Palace

There are many attractions along the Royal Mile – Camera Obscura, Scotch Whiskey Museum, Gladstone’s Land, Mary King’s Close, St. Giles Cathedral, and the Museum of Childhood. In addition to historical sites, you will find rows of medieval houses and many restaurants, pubs, and souvenir shops. 

As you walk along the Royal Mile, don’t forget to look into the small narrow streets on either side of it. These cozy branches are called closes that can lead you to the interesting, sometimes creepy stories of the medieval Scottish city.


Botanical Garden 

The oldest botanical garden in the United Kingdom appeared in 1670 to study medicinal and ornamental plants. So, it’s full of rare trees, shrubs, and flowers. Visitors to the park can see representatives of the Chinese flora, and go to the palm greenhouse, heather garden, and rockeries.  

By the way, the administration building houses a herbarium containing 3 million exhibits. The collection of Charles Darwin, collected by a scientist during a round-the-world trip, deserves special attention in the museum.


Edinburgh Zoo 

Imagine exploring the wild while soaking up the gentle spring sun. You can enjoy it all if you visit the local zoo, home to over 1,000 animals. The hallmark of the zoo is the largest population of penguins. Animals live in conditions close to their natural habitat, thus you can watch them from special viewing platforms. 

Here you can see rare Amur leopards, lions, monkeys, and giraffes. The pearl of the collection is koalas and pandas. Also, the zoo has lawns for a picnic, a playground with swings, and a cafe.

So, the capital of Scotland is waiting for you! A leisurely walk in one of the above places will give you positive emotions and a great spring mood!