Wazirx Referral program offers millions dollars free for sharing


Wazirx is a crypto-currency exchange. They are launching a referral program to reward users for bringing in new customers. The more people you refer, the more you will get paid. Referrals will be split between you and your referral, with a bonus added on top.

To encourage people to invite their friends to Wazirx, Wazirx introduced the referral program and credit free points to do trading or invest in any investment plans.

What is Wazirx referral program ?

The Wazirx referral program is a great way to get some free BTC. If you sign up for the program, you will receive 50% of the trading fees your referrals make for life. You can earn another 2% commission by referring people to trade on the app’s trustless exchange, which has no deposit or withdrawal limits. If you want to learn more about the referral program, please read this blog post that provides all of the details.

Under this referral program, Refer your friends and get passive income. You’ll earn 50% of their trading fees for life. This is one of the best referral programs on the market because it’s based on trading fees, not just trading volume.

There are many other tools that make this an easy and straightforward process, like being able to give your friends links to various coins through the interface.

If you refer someone to Wazirx, you will receive an extra 2% of the total amount that they deposit as your referral commission. The referral will also receive a 2% bonus on their first deposit.

What to do wazirx referral earnings ?

If you refer someone who trades more than $1,000 worth of bitcoin in their first 3 months on Wazirx, then we’ll also reward you with $25 worth of bitcoin for each referral. Referrals are valid for one year from when your friend registers on the platform.

Referring friends to Wazirx will give you a chance at winning free bitcoins. You are given a referral link that can be share with your friends, family, and social media contacts. For every person who signs up through the referral link, you’ll receive 10% of the transaction fee for each trade they make in their first 3 months on the platform.

Friends can be use for re- investing or trading, or can be directly withdrawn. I know a lot of people who use the referral code they used to sign up and earn a huge bonus every day.

How to start earn on wazirx ?

  1. Make account through wazirx referral code for sign up bonus.
  2. Now trade or complete kyc
  3. Visit refer and earn section, Copy your referral link and share with friends.
  4. When they uses and trades, You will earn free wrx coins.


Wazirx has a new chart that is very easy to analyze and use different indicators wisely. There is no Indian app that provides this level of analysis at the moment.

Warning : Cryptocurrencies do not offer any fixed returns and are subject to market risk. Before making any investments, please understand the risks and unpredictability of different coins. If you want to learn more about every coin before investing your money into it, watch the video below.

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