Are you experiencing problems with WatchCartoonOnline? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. You have been given the opportunity to watch free cartoons online for free with sites like WatchCartoonOnline. I think watchcartoononline is probably the best childhood memory anyone can ever have. Watching them is fun, and they teach us valuable lessons about life that no one can fully elaborate on.

WatchCartoonOnline: Top Alternatives & Working Sites

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Online anime, cartoons, and KissCartoon at

Cartoons are unquestionably a source of fun for everyone, regardless of their age. Animes and cartoons are popular among toddlers as well as adults. It is true there are numerous golden cartoons that are not shown on television these days, but they contain incredible lessons.


It is possible to solve this issue by choosing the best cartoon streaming website online. Watchcartoononline is the perfect solution for you if you have holidays and want to spend your free time watching cartoons or anime.

Stream unlimited cartoons online

You can watch unlimited cartoons and anime for free when you watch them online. Getting youngsters’ feelings all over again can be achieved by searching for your childhood cartoons.

Online cartoons are available on several websites, but not all of them adhere to standards.

Watchcartoononline: What we do

WatchCartoonOnline is one such website that provides easy access to cartoons, free of errors or disruptions. You can access almost all cartoons online through it as it has been well-maintained for years.

Furthermore, we will talk about some other sites that are authorized to stream cartoons online which can give you a good time during the holidays.

What is the safety and unlimited nature of WatchCartoonOnline?



In the video below, you’ll learn how to find out if the watchcartoononline app is safe. You’ll also learn how to use it correctly.

WatchCartoonOnline is what it sounds like.  

The website lets users watch and download cartoons (old or new) online at a very high quality.

The site hosts a collection of animes and cartoons from all over the world, which makes it a very comprehensive resource. Video and picture quality is high, so it makes watching cartoons more enjoyable.

You can visit this site if you are a fan of anime television. The content is capable of being viewed on a computer or mobile phone in an efficient manner.

Online cartoons and anime are available through Watch Cartoon. There are both English dubbings and Hindi dubbings for cartoons and animes.


Get access to a wide array of animes on your mobile phone by downloading the watchcartoononline apk. Mobile applications are extremely convenient and enable quick access to desired cartoons with a single click.

The site’s popularity is due to its collection of animes and cartoons in different languages. Online streaming of anime at high resolution is the most popular feature of this website.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, another feature that makes it unique is its security measures. The online app is easily accessible by millions of users, helping to build its brand.

Watchcartoononline’s official website

Watch cartoons and anime online without having to register at the Watch cartoons online official website. To enjoy the fun of cartoons or anime, simply search for their names.

It is, however, recommended that you sign up on the website. You can share your favourite cartoons and animes with your family and friends when you save them or make a list of similar categories.

Benefits of joining

You can also benefit from some enhanced features if you sign up on the watchcartoononline website. For instance, you can leave comments and feedback on videos.

In addition to the genre section, you can continue browsing the website to find your favorite anime and cartoons.

Statistical information about

It should be noted that the website has now been redirected to but remains equally functional.

Ahrefs Rank 43
Alexa Rank 8.91K
Semrush Rank 13.7K
Bing Index 129K
Domain Authority 65/100
Monthly traffic. 27.82M

How to download videos from Cartoononline


An explanation of how to download videos from watchcartoononline can be found in the following video:

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

It’s a website that provides high-quality content and is frequently visited by millions of people.

Despite this, there have been issues with their server-side, so people are looking for the best alternative.

Our Best Picks For WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives


·  CartoonCrazy ·  Wide Range of Cartoon Open CartoonsCrazy
·  9Anime ·  Personalized Streaming Open 9Anime
·  KissAnime ·  Offers Fast Streaming Open Kiss Anime
YouTube ·  Stream Free Cartoons Open YouTube
CartoonsOn ·  Best User Interface Open CartoonsOn


Here are a few excellent alternatives to watch cartoon online which can be used in place of watchcartoononline. We will briefly describe some of the best alternatives below.

  1. KissAnime

Another popular alternative is KissAnime. In addition to animes from around the world, it also has an extensive archive of old and new animes. This portal offers collections of animes of various genres. Furthermore, KissAnime has recently optimized its mobile experience so that it can provide a seamless and excellent experience.

Open Kiss Anime

  1. NineAnime

The anime streaming website 9Anime is another option. The anime streaming website 9Anime is another option. 9Anime, an anime streaming website, is another option. You can find the latest and most popular anime on this portal. We will upload the anime as soon as possible if the show you wish to watch is not listed on the 9Anime official site. The website is not so popular among people because it lacks a user-friendly interface.

Open 9anime

  1. Crazy about cartoons

Kids love Among its animations, animes, movies, and TV shows is a vast collection of cartoons. A flexible user interface also makes the website easy to use and simple to navigate. Aside from that, the official website is organized in a straightforward manner, which makes it very easy to find cartoons and animes. Streaming or downloading cartoons and anime is available once you find a title you want to watch. A kid’s cartoon site like cartoon crazy offers the best alternative.

Open CartoonCrazy

  1. Vudu

Watchcartoononline is another site similar to Vudu, but it operates differently. Among Vudu’s features are the ability to purchase, rent, and watch movies and TV shows. Cartoons and TV shows are not required to register. They can start watching immediately without paying a subscription fee. Furthermore, Vudu offers an app for iOS and Android devices that lets users access cartoons, TV shows, movies, and much more through their smartphones.

  1. OtakuStream

Otauku Strem is yet another amazing free alternative for fans of anime series, TV shows, and movies.

The UI and UX of this website are thoughtfully designed to make accessing, navigating, and finding cartoons easy.

OtakuStream offers the same genre collections as watchcartoononline. The following are some popular genre collections.

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama, Horror
  3. Thriller
  4. Action
  5. Romance
  6. Journey

Open OtakuStream

  1. YouTube

As one of the oldest and most popular video-based platforms, YouTube has been around for quite some time. As a bonus, it houses several full-length cartoons as well as a good place for cartoon lovers. Another amazing fact is that it is absolutely free. Using your Gmail account is all it takes to sign up for this service. Additionally, it includes kid-friendly options. In addition, you can choose from educational videos, poetry, and animations. Untethering your kids from the platform is the perfect way to let them explore the platform.

Open YouTube

  1. KimCartoon

In addition to Netflix, KimCartoon offers free streaming of cartoons and animated movies. Even if you haven’t decided what to watch yet, you can still browse through the vast collection. A few of the most popular websites include The Simpsons, Pick and Morty, Steven Universe, Sponge Bob, and many others. It has many kid-friendly animated collections, and it is a safe site for children to surf. You can search based on your favorite cartoon character. Streaming cartoons is one of the convenient and hassle-free ways to enjoy them.

Open KimCartoon

  1. Crunchyroll

CrunchyRoll is the name to remember if you want an easy-to-use, streamlined, and straightforward website. Cartoon fans will enjoy its well-organized and extensive collection. There is a collection of Japanese anime and manga for anime fans and Naruto fans. It’s a free website that has a lot of popularity across America. One of the best entertainment websites of all time, this website boasts effortless streaming and fast speed. With it, you can access cartoons in high-quality, high-definition directly from your computer.

Open CrunchyRoll

  1. Gogoanime

For anime fans and lovers, Gogoanime is a city dedicated to anime. Numerous anime series can be viewed in top-notch quality on several websites. Collections and new episodes are regularly updated on the website. Those who like animated series and like to watch each new season are going to love this site. For those who are tired of pop-up ads and slow speeds, GogoAnime is the place to go. No worries! There are cartoons of all kinds on this website. A range of animated series, olden collections, and a kid’s pool are all available on Gogoanime.

Open Gogoanime

  1. Toon Jet

Streaming cartoons on a website leads to downloads? Toon Jet doesn’t do that. You can watch cartoons online with Toon Jet, a streaming platform that doesn’t fill up your computer with unnecessary junk. Toon Jet provides the latest collections as well as high-quality streaming. The video doesn’t stop unexpectedly, and there are no ads. The video has some unique features like: Rating and feedback loop

Payments or sign-ups are not required

Free of charge

Playback and streaming are both fast

Open Toon Jet

  1. MyCartoon

It is an area that is deemed with a lot of variety, whether it is classic anime series/movies or good old anime collections from the past.

MyCartoon offers your children the chance to relive their childhoods by playing with the wonderful collections from the past.

On MyCartoon, you can watch a wide variety of binge-worthy series and seasons. Furthermore, they also have the latest anime, as well as the latest cartoons.

Watching sprees will not be disrupted by regular uploads and updates. MyCartoon features classics such as these:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • and Psycho Electric Girl
  • both feature ground control

Open MyCartoon

  1. Hulu

Netflix and Amazon Prime are not the only streaming services that Hulu offers.

There is a great collection of cartoons on the website, though it is not an exclusively cartoon platform. Subscriptions are charged monthly.

It’s free for the first month, so you can try it out and decide if you like it. Hulu also produces some of the most notable TV shows of the century, which are all available online.

As well as Hulu for kids, you can choose the kid-friendly catalog to browse. However, it offers a great selection of entertainment in general.


  1. Supercartoons

Taking a trip down memory lane is as easy as watching supercartoons.

You’re in for a super nostalgic ride with super cartoons, a collection of old cartoons from Cartoon Network and Pogo.

The super cartoons collective hub contains all episodes of Looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Donald Duck.

Give your kids a taste of childhood while you reminisce about your own. Your kids can easily browse through the collection on their own because it is straightforward and safe to use.

I would say that Mycartoons is best suited for entertainment of the whole family.

Open SuperCartoons

  1. Disney Now

A Disney channel initiative specializing in kid’s entertainment, Disney now is the perfect initiative.

Kids-friendly and kids-oriented suggestions and algorithms can be customized in the settings. Stories can be completed, or they can continue. Almost everything can be watched for free.

A subscription may be required for access to some catalogs and some cases. Moreover, it is a fuller entertainment station, which also includes a large variety of gameplays and other things to keep you entertained.

Open Disney Now

  1. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is the perfect website for anime aficionados. The site provides subbed and dubbed versions of thousands of anime series.

There is no advertising on the homepage. The website’s interface has been specifically designed to appeal to anime fans. It is simple, elegant and easy to use. There are over 2.5 million users on this website that has all the famous anime cartoons.

Open AnimePahe

  1. Crackle

Crackle is the place to go to enjoy old-fashioned cartoons mixed with the newest releases. A database containing thousands of cartoons is available on this website.

Streaming quality is excellent, and the speed is good. While watching the video, you will not be bothered by ads and pop-up windows. The site is free of charge, and a subscription is not required to use it.

You can browse through the catalog and choose the cartoon that appeals to you most because of the diversity. If you are searching for a great platform to watch cartoons, this is one of the best.

Open Crackle

  1. CartoonsOn

Kids and adults alike love cartoons, making them a versatile media form.

CartoonsOn provides a broad range of cartoons.

You will find all of the most popular cartoons as well as some hidden gems.

Furthermore, each cartoon is divided into categories and given a rank based on user ratings. All the most recent episodes are regularly added to a simple interface to make navigation easy.

Open CartoonsOn

  1. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is a children’s cartoon website based in the United Kingdom featuring titles specifically curated to appeal to kids. A good variety of simple, fun games are available on the website to keep the children entertained.

Through Cartoonito, television shows from around the world can be viewed on your computer!

Watching fun videos that teach kids and help them develop their personal skills is a great activity for kids. To watch online while you’re on the road, there’s even a download feature!

Open Cartoonito

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WatchCartoonOnline offers different categories

There are many anime shows, videos, and cartoons available at Watch Cartoon Online. There are many anime shows, videos, and cartoons available at Watch Cartoon Online. We offer a variety of anime shows, videos, and cartoons at Watch Cartoon Online. These cartoons and animes are categorized into five major categories. Here are the groups.

  1. Pictures
  2. from dubbed anime
  3. dubbed anime
  4. animation
  5. show

In order to move around the website efficiently, the categories are there to facilitate searches. In some countries, it is illegal to watch cartoons online. You can access your favorite animes, however, by using a VPN.

Class schedule for WatchCartoonOnline 

There are several different classes currently available on WatchCartoonOnline streaming app. A user can select the class which most appeals to them by navigating through these classes.

Also, if you choose a specific class, the appropriate animes and cartoons of that particular class will appear.

Their aim is to allow you to know more about cartoons and animes of the same class, which maybe you don’t know about and are the most viewed by others. You can check out the categories below.

  1. Adventure

Under this category, you can find cartoons and animes relating to journey.

This class includes cartoons and anime such as The Deer King and Bigfoot. This class includes cartoons and anime such as The Deer King and Bigfoot. The course includes cartoons and anime such as The Deer King and Bigfoot. Those who enjoy journey anime can benefit greatly from this class.

  1. Animation

Motion cartoons and animes are huge classes of animation. This class encompasses a variety of cartoons and animes that are famous worldwide.

There are a lot of cartoons available on watchcartoononline, including Metropolis Wars and Star Blazers.

  1. Animation

Cartoons and animated movies are loved by half the population. Animated cartoons and anime, including everything from Barbie to Looney Toons, fall under this category.

Golden cartoons such as Popeye the Sailor Man and Scooby-Doo can also be found among these classifications. Animators will particularly enjoy this class.

  1. Laughter

Children and adults who are fond of comedy movies, cartoons, and anime can find a variety of videos in this category that can make them laugh and smile.

  1. Youngsters

Youngsters’ class can help you find cartoons and animes for children aged 3 to 7.

In this class, you can find cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Power Puff Girls, and Ben 10.

To make childhood memorable for toddlers, these cartoons are a full entertainment package.

  1. Horror

Many people around the world enjoy horror cartoons and animes. It is one of the most popular film genres. Cartoons and anime like Ayakashi and Gregory Horror Show will be screened in this class.

You can also enjoy other film, cartoon, and anime genres other than these, such as science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and action.

You won’t want to miss out on these cartoons because they span all these genres.

Watch Cartoon Online Features 

WatchCartoonOnline offers its users a variety of features to make their experience one to remember.

As a result, users prefer to return to the online portal for more cartoons and animes because these features attract users in a unique way.

WatchCartoonOnline provides the following features.

  1. High quality animations

Watchcartoononline is the right platform for you if you are looking for good quality cartoons in high resolution.

Cartoons and anime are more fun and entertaining when they have high-quality sound and pictures. Without these features, cartoons can be dull, and you may lose interest after a while.

The images, videos, and sound on Watchcartoononline are all of the highest quality.

Various video quality options are available. The quality of the video you watch can be 480p, 720p, 1080p, or HD High-quality, depending on your needs.

Images also vary depending on how fast your internet connection is.

  1. No Subscription Fee

Watchcartoononline’s top feature is that it’s free.

Watching cartoons and anime online is free and you will not have to pay any subscription fees.

Other anime streaming websites charge a subscription fee, making this one the most popular.

With a single platform you can enjoy all your favorite cartoons online without spending any money.

  1. Fast download speeds

You can enjoy watching anything online only if it doesn’t irritate you with a lot of buffering. Otherwise, you may lose interest in what you’re watching.

Online streaming and downloading are incredibly fast at Watchcartoononline.

A number of servers gather information on our website through the web streaming portal, which reduces buffering during online streaming and downloading.

As a result of the website’s fast load speed, users are engaged in the content, and they return to the website again and again.

  1. The ability to stream unlimited cartoons and animes

With WacCartoonOnline, users can stream cartoons and animes for free.

Watchcartoononline does not have such restrictions as other web portals such as Netflix, for instance.

The world of cartoons, anime, movies, and videos is your oyster. A further advantage is that the platform is user-friendly, allowing users to interact effectively with each other.

  1. Feedback Option

We appreciate our users’ feedback at Watchcartoononline. The website will do its best to fix any issues and flaws that users point out, and the website will work to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Moreover, users can request movies, cartoons, and animes on their official website, watch cartoons online, and they can alert users when the film is uploaded.

With this method, you are able to discover cartoons or anime that are not on the portal already.

Cartoon online has all these features and so much more, making it a wildly popular website worldwide.


Does Cartoon online violate any laws?

Video piracy is illegal, and Watchcartoononline does it at an international level.
Consequently, it is also illegal. You can watch a ton of cartoons, animes, and movies, but all of them are pirated.
Many countries around the world ban the website because of it.

WatchCartoonOnline does not seem to be working for you?

A server may be down, a server may be overloaded, or there may be a network problem. The website could also not be working if you live in an area where it is prohibitto use it. You can watch your cartoons with a VPN or virtual private server.

Do viruses infect WatchCartoonOnline?

Do viruses infect WatchCartoonOnline? A large number of users reported that they did not see any harm from using the website with proper precautions such as using a pc antivirus and ad blocker. If you observe safety measures, watching cartoons online is safe.

Is WatchCartoonOnline available on an App?

Stream or download entertainment content online at Watchcartoononline, a popular anime and cartoon streaming website.
In addition to the app, users can also access a mobile application that is user-friendly and that they want to use every day.

Watch Cartoons Online Online – How Does It Work?

You can stream cartoons or animes on the WatchCartoonOnline website in three simple steps. Those steps are as follows.
You should start by searching for the cartoon or anime name using the search bar. Cut or copy the anime link you found. Click on the highlighted link.
The second step is to find a video sniffer program online. can be useful for this purpose.
Putting the URL of the video you want to download into the rectangular box that says, “Enter URL of the video,” is step 1.
The third step is to press the Enter key. Once you click the Enter key, the video begins downloading. It will take a few moments to download.
Your internet speed will determine how long it takes to download. The media files can be open and enjoy after they have been downloaded.

Does WatchCartoonOnline allow free viewing and streaming of videos?

Watch Cartoon Online provides free access to different categories of cartoons, anime, and movies.
There is no need to pay any subscription fee like with other websites. Streaming or downloading the content is quick and easy when you search online for it.

Is WatchCartoonOnline mirrored anywhere else online?

A proxy and mirror links on watchcartoononline aid in unblocking the original content using another domain name, just like most other websites on the internet.

Does require a VPN?

Due to piracy and copyright issues, some countries have banned
You will need a strong VPN to access the website in such countries.

Can a user request an anime or cartoon on the website?

We love hearing from our viewers.
A unique feature of the app lets users request cartoons and amines of their choice not found on the official website.