Nowadays, an increasing number of companies work remotely, so when it comes to holiday cheer, most of them don’t know where to begin with their virtual holiday party preparation. Virtual holiday parties are celebrations that take place online and are usually held over video conferencing platforms, to celebrate the season and all the hard work the remote team has put in during the year.

There are plenty of virtual holiday party ideas to draw inspiration from that can help you keep up team morale virtually, allow your remote employees to wind down, and reconnect with coworkers. The ideas can include anything from specific games to team-building exercises, and you can even come up with special themes for your holiday gathering.

To make this holiday season extra special, below we share some of the best virtual holiday party ideas for your remote team.

Virtual Holiday Bingo

For many years, Bingo has been one of the most popular games for those looking to host a great holiday party and you can take this idea and turn it into a virtual game.

Virtual holiday bingo is an excellent way for you to put a festive spin on this classic game. It’s an easy yet fun way to get everyone involved, encourage friendly competition, and boost morale. You won’t have to spend a lot of time preparing your custom bingo cards for the team. 

You can simply do it with free online generators and you can also make them a nice addition to a holiday gift package. Holiday Bingo is not just about Christmas. It can give your remote team members the chance to learn more about the different holidays their team members might be celebrating outside the office.

Virtual Holiday Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes are a wonderful way to bring the entire team together before kicking off the holiday festivities. This energetic holiday party idea is even better if you have some trivia fans on your team. And it works great when there are larger groups where you can split individuals into several teams.

Why not transform a regular pub quiz into a lively holiday party quiz by adding a certain level of festive flair? Plan the quiz around the holidays or add several themed rounds with trivia questions about music, various holiday traditions, and food. You can also create a more interactive holiday pub quiz with the help of visual elements. For example, a slideshow shared on Zoom is an easy and cost-effective way to do this.

Festive Cook-Along Party

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies and the holidays are a great opportunity to get your remote team involved in baking or cooking. A fun virtual holiday party idea is to organize a festive cook-along or a baking party so that everyone can enjoy tasty food together. 

You can provide your party guests with a list of ingredients and a virtual gift card with enough funds to help them shop. Make sure to choose a recipe that is easy to follow and does not require advanced cooking skills so that everyone can join in and enjoy themselves. You can also make this work event family-friendly by telling your team to feel free to invite their families to join in if they wish.

Virtual Karaoke Night

Everyone wishes to let loose and have some fun. Holiday parties are the perfect time for this. For this reason, try to host a virtual holiday karaoke party as an easy way for everyone to liven up. This can be organized efficiently with the help of a virtual karaoke service. 

You just need to sign up, prepare the virtual party environment, and invite your guests to sing along to recorded music classics.

Virtual Wine Tasting Party

Chances are that your coworkers could use a drink, so why not send a wine gift basket to their home offices and cheer together? If your remote employees are wine lovers, this is a wonderful holiday party idea to treat them and extend your gratitude for a great year.

You can contact a local vineyard and work with them to have personalized gift boxes sent out to the guests. You can also hire a wine expert to guide your remote employees through the wine tasting experience, and ask them to share their opinions and rank the wines. You can make this a unique experience by pairing it with other holiday party games and embracing the holiday season.  

Final Words

A virtual holiday party can be equally festive as an office holiday party. To boost team morale before the holiday season, try some of our amazing virtual holiday party ideas to gather your remote employees and thank them for their hard work while creating an immersive experience for everyone.