Can A Vinyl Floor Be Placed Over Other Hard Floors? | Easy Guidelines

Tremendous floor options have been introduced in the market for a luxurious and functional interior look. Vinyl floors are getting hyped because of the long feature list they carry. These vinyl floors come in planks as well as tile shapes. People are getting crazy because of their eye-catching attractive looks. They add next-level beauty to the place without compromising its high functionality. 

Vinyl floors come in a wide range of shades to match the decor theme of the place. These floors are highly functional with mind-boggling resistance quality. They do not let water, stains, and scratches invade their layers. Even the extended stay of water can not damage its beauty. They are straightforward to maintain with no daily cleaning demands. Vinyl floors last long and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Easy Installation Of Vinyl Floorings

Vinyl luxurious floors are trendy because of their easy installation and removal methods. These flooring options go well for people who love to upgrade their homes with trends. They can easily install a luxurious vinyl sheet in tiles and planks; whenever they want to replace it with other floor types, they can remove the vinyl easily. Vinyl tiles go well with a non-uniform interior design that is trendy nowadays, but the planks are also luxurious with an easy lock system.


  • They look like an exact copy of other floorings, which is why they bear high market demands. Buy vinyl flooring in Dubai to get variant eye-catching shades and unique patterns. No doubt, there is no need to remove the existing floor, but the main point to be focused on is the leveling of the existing floor is necessary. 


  • There should be no dents and breakages on that floor; otherwise, the vinyl surface level can be disturbed, which will cause unwelcoming troubles. 


  • Level the existing floor and then clean it properly so it will not be able to rag the newcomer floor. 


  • First, cover the area with a sticky substance where you will install the vinyl floor; it usually comes with its glue.


  • Place the vinyl tiles and planks carefully after properly monitoring their shapes, especially the planks should be placed while noticing the lock side. 


  • After installing vinyl floors, there is no need to wait hours to let it dry. 


  • Instead, just move inside and walk on the floor so that it can stick more accurately to its place. 


  • Remember that you should take proper measurements before buying vinyl floors; only some places contain equal numbers of tiles. According to the area of the place, purchase your vinyl shapes and then install them easily.

Features Of Vinyl Flooring


  • Vinyl floors do not require a daily cleaning routine; they can maintain their luxurious look and super functionality alive for decades even with a low maintenance demand. 


  • These floors are easy to clean; you can simply vacuum them on alternate days for a welcoming look. 


  • As we have already explained, these floors are water, stain, and scratch marks-resistant, so there is no need to keep an eye on vinyl floors to prevent them from damage. 


  • Stains cannot invade vinyl layers, so you can simply get rid of stains with a single wash. 


  • We understand your love for your pets; these floors are scratch marks-resistant, allowing your pet to scratch them for relaxation. You can easily remove these marks with a cleaner. 

Vinyl Floors Placement | Is It Necessary To Remove Your Already Installed Hard Floor For Vinyl Placement?

At their very start, Vinyl floorings came without waterproof quality and needed help to get their specific place in the already loaded market. But now, with high functionality and variant shades, the market is loaded with their limitless variety. Vinyl floors are easy to install and maintain in any place they are introduced. 

People still need clarification about their installation and book an expensive professional installation service. In this article, we have discussed the more straightforward installation method of vinyl floor installation. Vinyl looks elegant with the shades it comes in; these floorings add life to the place. 

These floors are easy to install with no need to remove hard floors. The only thing to keep monitoring is the height of the floor. If the already installed floor is thick and you have chosen a thick vinyl floor sheet, you must notify the doors and other details of the house. Doors may only be able to open with an extra increment in floor height. 

Come To An End

People spend vast amounts on floor installation; vinyl floors have easy installation and maintenance guidelines to follow. These luxurious floors can be installed on existing hard floors, but the surface should be leveled before the vinyl installation. 


Vinyl offers high functionality with attractive variant shades. They resist water, stains, and scratch marks to provide a durable and elegant floor option.

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