If you have ever played any online game, you’ve probably heard of XResolver. This website tracks users’ Gamertags and IP addresses. It uses a VPN service to obtain this information and also offers a premium feature that allows you to blacklist your IP address. If you’d like to use this service to protect yourself from being tracked, read on. We’ll discuss the basic functions of xResolver, how it works, and how to use it to protect your privacy online.

xResolver is a website that tracks users’ Gamertags and IP addresses

XResolver is a popular website for gamers who want to track other players’ online activities. While online gaming was originally conceived as a form of entertainment, it has evolved to include a level of competition between players. Sadly, some players took matters too far and used xResolver to get revenge, bully others, and otherwise engage in anti-social behavior. XResolver stores publicly available information regarding gamers and their IP addresses. Users can also learn more about another player’s Gamertag and find their online profile.

Although there are several ways to stop xResolver from tracking you, removing your IP and Gamertag is the most effective option. The website offers a form on its official website that allows you to remove your data. Then, simply paste the link from the “IP” section of the xResolver website. The data will be extracted from their database. You can also follow other tips to avoid being listed again.

The xResolver website was created in 2017 to help people track users’ Gamertags and IPs. It works on Xbox and PlayStation and has many additional features. One of them is changing a user’s Xbox or PlayStation Gamertag. The service also converts gamertags into unique IP addresses. You can find out the IP address of any Xbox user by entering their Gamertag into the website’s search box.


If you are looking for a simple method to track a gamer’s IP address, xResolver is one of the most effective options. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use it and its database is huge. With several hundred thousand registered users, xResolver has the edge over OctoSniff and Xboxresolver. The software has improved with features like phone lookup and storage.

xResolver is an excellent website for tracking a user’s IP address and Gamertag. It features a user-friendly interface and does not require complicated steps or technical jargon. The free version allows users to store up to 25 IPs and Gamertags per month. Inactive accounts will be deleted after three months. Premium members can also blacklist Gamertags and IP addresses.

XResolver is an online scraping tool that allows users to easily find other players online. It tracks user information on public servers and scraping programs. Users simply have to start a multiplayer gaming session and enter the Gamertag or IP address of the player they wish to track. After that, the information is stored in a database. With this information, xResolver can be used to find gaming partners or to track down cheating spouses.

xResolver has a large database with accurate and reliable information on users’ Gamertags and IPs. It also supports Xbox Live and PSN, which makes it a great solution for personal network monitoring and identifying packets. xResolver has received many positive reviews, but it may not be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for a free alternative to xResolver, Lanc Remastered PCPS may be worth a try.

It uses a VPN service provider to obtain information

Using a VPN service provider to obtain information about your IP address is a good idea if you want to keep your personal data private. Your IP address will be available for anyone to see, but using a VPN service can prevent your IP from being blacklisted. The website also offers free tools to verify your IP address. Xresolver uses a VPN service provider to obtain your information.

xResolver has several tools for obtaining IP address information. Users can store IP addresses they wish to monitor, write notes, or make other requests. Premium members can store unlimited IP addresses while free users can store up to 25 IPs. However, users cannot use the free service to store their own information. The information obtained by xResolver is not private. Its privacy policies are not transparent.

Participating In A Multiplayer

The most common reason that a hacker would try to steal your IP address is if you are participating in a multiplayer gaming session. This way, they could target your public IP address for DDoS attacks. It is highly recommended that you keep your IP address private when playing online. The website says that 25 million accounts have been successfully resolved with it. There is still a risk of hackers intercepting your IP, however, and protecting yourself is worth the investment.

XResolver is not entirely secure, but it does have some benefits. It allows interested parties to gain access to your private information and tie your online identity to your physical internet connection. This method is a great way to prevent DDoS attacks, but you should be cautious when using it. There are also some simple things that you can do to protect your IP address from leakage.

Although xresolver does not disclose its method, you should be wary of any company that uses this method. Most companies that provide this service don’t disclose their methods. It is best to opt for a different service. A VPN service provider will ensure your security and privacy, but it is not a foolproof method. You must be careful when using a VPN service provider, however.

The best way to remove yourself from xResolver’s database is to visit the website of the company that produces the IP address database. Once you have registered, you can use a free or paid VPN service to protect yourself. A paid service provider will offer you ongoing support, which is a great option for preventing identity theft. You can also opt for a premium version of xResolver, which has no ads.

It offers a premium feature that lets you blacklist your IP address

This tool comes with advanced features to keep your IP address private. It detects Incognito mode and creates a maximum of 10 results. In addition, you can see the Country, ISP, Browser, and System OS of each IP.

Another feature that comes with xResolver is the ability to store IP addresses. Free users can only store 25 IPs, while premium members can store an unlimited number of IPs. However, inactive accounts lose their stored data after three months. Premium members have the option to use the blacklisting feature, which prevents other users from resolving your gamertag or username. This feature keeps your data out of the scrapper’s database. There is one major limitation however, you can only blacklist one Gamertag or username.