Tips to Improve Customer Experience Through User-Generated Content

Marketing for businesses and brands has grown leaps and bounds over the past years. 

If you are a brand, there might be a different procedure for you to target your consumers earlier; however, you need to catch up with the latest marketing strategy to enhance the experience for your customers. User-generated content (UGC) is the focal point of this strategy.

So, in case you are looking to boost the consumer experience and attract more and more consumers organically, then this guide would serve your purpose. But, first, let us dive into how we can fully use UGC to our benefit.

Benefits of Enhancing the Customer Experience

Let us go down a statistical lane to understand the overall benefits of enhancing the customer experience, which should be the topmost priority of any brand.

Increased Profits and Sales

Whether consciously or unconsciously, profits and enhanced sales are every brand’s desire. Hubspot recently conducted a survey that concluded that 68% of customers tend to acquire services and products from brands with an excellent track record in making customers happy.

Hubspot suggests that 93% of customers will buy back from your brand if offered a world-class customer experience. And it is a no-brainer that a large influx of sales would automatically enhance the amount of profit your company would generate.

Customer Trust

“Nielsen’s latest research suggests that 92% of customers are more inclined towards user-generated content than traditional marketing advertisements.”

These numbers are not surprising, as customers want to know about the primary features. Feedback from their loved ones instead of advertisements helps in this regard. When customers hear their friends shower praises about a product, a sense of trust is created. This trust enables you to gather a loyal customer base that would do word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. There could be nothing better than this type of marketing as it creates a ripple effect among customers and is highly cost-effective.

Free, Beneficial content for SEO

When we involve UGC in our marketing strategy, the marketing team gets excellent assistance in terms of SEO. Since User-generated content is the content created by your customers, you do not require to invest too much capital and energy. UGC helps generate an immense content volume, far greater than what your internal team could produce. Frequency, in turn, enhances your SEO which makes Google take notice of what your brand is accomplishing. 

Cost-Effective and relatable are two words we can associate user-generated content with, a dream come true for any chief marketing officer. 

Now, since we have a slight idea about how we can benefit from the implementation of UGC in our marketing venture, let us get a grip on how we can implement user-generated content.

Forms to implement user-generated content

We have been emphasizing that user-generated content is created by users for users. However, despite its seeming simplicity, its implications for organizations in the digital age are a whole new topic we’d want to investigate.

So, all the images, videos, reviews, social media posts, etc., created by the users are organic content that can be used as a part of your content marketing strategy. 

Social Media Posts and Stories

Suppose you are looking to promote your sales and profits by connecting personally with your customers. In that case, there is no better way to do this than by recognizing the voluntary efforts of your customers who constantly post on social media about their experience of your products. 

This part of UGC has produced tremendous results since these posts are innately unique and relatable.


For all these years, you must have been looking at reviews from a different point of view. But what if we tell you that reviews are the most underrated aspect of a marketing strategy involving UGC. 

If you are looking to grow as a brand, then there is no better way to do this than in-product feedback and reviews from your customers. Reviews can be regarded as direct and open content that would indulge in two fronts:

  • Working with people who will create fantastic content and distribute it on your blog and social media; 
  • Reviews that feature all the necessary information about a specific product assists customers in better decision making.

Never modify what the reviewer is expressing as a golden rule. 

Posting only positive reviews about a product would make it hard for customers to trust the value that your brand would be offering. On the other hand, negative reviews are essential to showcase that you are transparent with your loyal customer base.

 Bad reviews can be great content when paired with practical and impartial observations. For example, you may be able to explain why the experience was negative and how the organization is constantly learning and improving.

Special Events (Hashtag campaigns) 

You can promote UGC by displaying real-time content in a form of social media wall during the events such as a particular day or week, the company’s anniversary, or the holiday season using social and promotional platforms. 

A well-organized content strategy revolves around a hashtag for these kinds of dates. First, you can encourage customers to participate in the event by posting content in images and videos that would include the hashtag circulated by you. Then, showcase the content of some customers on a social screen which would inspire other customers to follow the trend. This step, in turn, promotes your brand and keeps your customers thrilled. 

Video Content

Another area that plays a crucial role in making UGC tick is video content. People on various platforms love to create videos, and Youtube sets the trend regarding trustworthy video creation platforms. Youtube has served as the ideal platform for video content creation over the years; however, the trend is shifting in recent years as people are moving toward short and shareable video content through Instagram stories and TikTok videos. 

Marketing tactics used in this regard include unique hashtags and contests that would spark great value in user-generated visual compositions. 

Wrapping Up

UGC is a fan favourite among marketers and the general public since it is unique to each user’s voice, choice, and style. By incorporating this content marketing plan, you’ll be able to expand your company’s social reach, increase consumer loyalty, and, in the end, create a community of like-minded people that interact with the brand on a deeper, more personal level than just on a transactional level.

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