What is a translator service? Which services should a translation service offer you, whether offline or online? What should you consider when choosing a translation service? And which services are important for a successful cooperation between you and the online translation service? Questions upon questions answered here.

Finding a translation service to translate your private or business contracts, letters, brochures, websites and other papers is not easy. Because the number of service providers in Germany who offer you their translation service both offline and online is in the thousands. The offers differ at first glance according to the

  • Languages ​​that the translators speak
  • and the specialist areas in which the translators may feel at home in “their” languages ​​(technical languages).

Translator service = translation + service

However, command of the desired source language (so-called source language) and target language and, if necessary, the technical language alone should not be decisive for the choice of a translation service. After all, the term with which the service provider offers you its services also contains the word “service” – and therefore you should also check the associated services and, if necessary, compare them with competing offers that are available to choose from.

It should be noted that you should definitely check the translator service’s linguistic or technical knowledge and language skills. For example, by having the industry-standard certificates for language qualifications shown to you – if the service provider does not already show them themselves. It is also worth asking about the language knowledge of the translators: are they native speakers, do they have life experience in the language areas where the languages ​​are spoken, do they have specialist qualifications?

Would you like to commission a translation service?

What service does the translator offer?

In addition to the pure translation of your template(s) from one into one or more other languages ​​or technical languages, for example business language, medical language, legal language, technical language, computer and IT language, SEO translations , you as a potential customer should also be offered services such as the The following are offered:

  • Availability for first contact

The translator service must be available for the first contact. Depending on how and where you became aware of the service provider, the e-mail address, contact form and telephone number are given on the website.

  • initial consultation

Does the professional translator Manchester offer you an initial consultation? This is recommended, for example, if you have no experience with the service and would like to find out more about the translation order procedure.

  • Fast & non-binding offer

The service provider who is close to the customer, i.e. to the people, stands out from the large number of offers of online translation services: Those who understand what makes the customer tick (what they ask for) and align their service accordingly have a good chance of being booked . You should therefore also sift through the providers to see whether they can make you a quick and, above all, non-binding offer – after all, nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke.

  • test translation

Especially if the translator service is to work for you on a regular basis, for example because your company is multilingual and you want to outsource the necessary translations to external professionals, it is important that the translator knows your industry and the technical language that may be spoken there. After all, he will be the foreign language voice of your company in the future! With an agreed test translation, you can test whether you and the service provider are a good match. Ask for it!

  • Availability & personal contact for information, advice and order processing

For the assignment of the translator service and the order processing, the possibility of contacting them personally is no longer a must these days – but it is still an advantage. Because in a personal conversation in the translation office, on the phone or via video call via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams, to name just three example providers, a business relationship always develops in a more personal way than if the contact only takes place in writing via e-mail.

And because international clients in particular need translations not only during the usual core business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central European Time (CET), but also sometimes early in the morning or late in the evening, the translator service should be available around the clock.

  • Opportunities for (personal) briefings

A translator service transfers your templates into the desired foreign language. The template can be written in a more factual manner (contracts, operating instructions, product descriptions, protocols) or more emotionally (websites, speeches, applications). In addition, when it comes to translations, it always depends on who the reader is. For a good translation of your template, a translator should know from a briefing with you, his client, who you are addressing with your translation and what its purpose is. The better the translator knows you and your intentions on the one hand and the addressee of the translation and their intentions on the other, the more accurately he can transfer the desired information – translated factually or sensitively. So you should have opportunities to letter your translator.

  • Opportunities for (personal) feedback

Especially if you don’t just want to book the translation service once, but want to book it again and again or continuously, you should be given the opportunity to give feedback on the respective orders in order to organize the interaction with the translation service in the best possible way. The feedback should include both content and formal aspects. For example, you can report back on how the translation was received by the addressee, how you see the order progress, and where this could possibly be improved.

  • discretion

For the success of your cooperation with the translator service, it is of the utmost importance that the orders are handled discreetly. You should not choose anyone who does not guarantee this as a matter of course as a service provider. Ask about the reliability and confidentiality of the translators and, if necessary, ask for references that you can contact to be on the safe side.

  • data security

Last but not least, in our digital age, data security is also important, which the translator service grants you in business. Make sure that the cooperation on the part of the service provider conforms to the current regulations for data protection and data security.

Are you looking for a translation service? Whether for private translations or for business translations for your company – send us your non-binding inquiry! Our experienced native speaker translators have language knowledge, expertise in their specialist areas and master the usual technical terms.


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