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How well does Tracking Fox work as a car tracker app?

A track record of where a car has been or traveled is vital for a family or individual with technological advancements today. In what locations has the car stayed the longest and how much has it traveled? As a result, users are able to determine how far their car has traveled as well as where it has been. It is possible to trace a lost object back to its location using GPS tracker locks if an individual loses a valuable object somewhere. It is for this reason that Tracking Fox has developed a vehicle tracking system that can be useful to a large number of people. It would be one of the best accessories for cars, since it will help in so many ways that are unimaginable. The Tracking Fox Device is what we’ll be looking at today.

How does Tracking Fox work?

OBDII GPS tracking device Tracking Fox tracks the location of an automobile as it is indicated by its name. For the user, it packs a lot of great features. As well as tracking your car, a good GPS tracker will also provide you with real-time location information and send you alerts when your car starts moving after being parked for a while or when you move it from a frequently parked place like home or office. Keeping an eye on your car or keeping an eye on the car of your loved ones, such as parents, kids, or spouses is what Tracking Fox GPS tracker does. It has so many features that are important and useful to keep track of your car. Additionally, Tracking Fox GPS Tracker can recognize the driving patterns of its users. Due to the features it comes with, it’s much more than a Tracker. Additionally, it saves more fuel and cuts fuel costs for the car. Due to its OBD11 GPS Tracker connection, it can recognize the driving pattern of the driver and because it is connected to the electrical circuit of the vehicle, the performance of the vehicle is controlled by it.

The device is multi-purpose and can be used both personally and professionally. Apple Store and Google Play Store Apps are available for Tracking Fox OBII Tracker. Android and Windows versions of the app are available. Due to changes in systems and electronic control units used in cars after 1996, this device is only compatible with cars manufactured after 1996.  Using a cellular network, you can locate it by using the sim card included.

How does Tracking Fox GPS Tracker differ from other GPS trackers?

Live tracking of the car is pretty much the only feature of most trackers available commercially.  However, they are rather small in size. There’s no way to make it blend in with other components of the car like Tracking Fox OBDII GPS Tracker, which is connected to OBDII Port and seamlessly blends in with other accessories. Easy installation is a feature of this tracker. Using it is as simple as plugging it into an OBDII port. Unlike other trackers, Tracking Fox is installed inside the car, so it is not susceptible to falling, which happens in many cases with other trackers. When the car is used unauthorized or if it is broken into, the tracker sends out alerts. In contrast, other trackers seem incapable of doing this. Fuel costs can be reduced by tracking Fox Tracker. In comparison to other GPS Trackers, this is one of the notable features of the Tracking Fox GPS Tracker. With advanced features, it functions like a combination of an OBDII tuner and GPS tracker.

Where can I get a Tracking Fox GPS Tracker?

It is easy to use Tracking Fox GPS Tracker. The first feature we will discuss is tracking, since it has multipurpose applications.

  • Locating and tracking movements are done using multiple sources in Tracker Fox. If a cellular tower is within range of the tracker’s tracking app, the cloud server receives the data from the tracker’s tracking app. The cloud server uses the sim that comes with the tracker to receive the data from the cellular tower. The tracker, however, sends its own signal that interferes with GPS satellites and cellular towers, allowing the app to track the activity.
  • Fuel Saving: The Tracker also has a fuel-saving option because it is also equipped with a microcontroller CPU that memorizes driving patterns and then commands or signals the car’s electronic control unit to consume fuel accordingly. Thus, fuel usage is adjusted based on the driving of the user, and fuel bills are reduced.

Tracking Foxes Offers Many Benefits

  • In case one of the sources of tracking is unavailable, the other is, so it has two sources of tracking to fall back on.
  • If the car is stolen, it sends an alert
  • This allows car rental businesses to track where cars have been and how they are being used
  • Due to its ability to reduce fuel consumption, it can reduce costs.
  • Tracks the location, route, and navigation map of your car for the last 90 days.
  • Detects overspeeding, acceleration, and hard braking in the car, and sends an alert.
  • If someone enters a car suspiciously, it sends anti-theft alerts.
  • Switching between cars is possible
  • It can be easily plugged in and played.
  • The device’s compact size.
  • The tracking feature works in conjunction with the fuel-saving feature.


The device itself costs a certain amount, and there is a subscription fee and other offers and bundles.

  • After a 50% discount, the price for 1 Tracking Fox OBDII Device is $58.14.
  • The tracking plan has a monthly subscription fee of $7.58.
  • Users will save 15% over a monthly subscription when they subscribe for 6 months.
  • Compared to a monthly subscription, the 12-month tracking plan is less expensive at $5.23 per month.

It is only possible to make a purchase through the official website, and PayPal and Visa Master Card are the only payment methods accepted.

Policy on Refunds

The purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. When the tracker does not perform as expected or dissatisfies the user in any way. The user will receive a 100% refund and there will be customer support.


There are a lot of exciting and unique features provided by the Tracking Fox Tracker that not many other trackers provide. Not only does it save money, but it also sends alerts about theft, overspeeding, and excessive acceleration. Using GPS satellites and the cellular network, it provides precise tracking information that can be updated on a regular basis. An excellent tracker or a general-purpose log book can be a very useful purchase for someone looking for a tracker or to keep a record of their route and locations over time.


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