Top merits of buying a Canon MG3600 printer

Canon is one of the top printer brands around the globe. People prefer using Canon printers for business as well as for home use. These printers are easy to configure and provide goodrobustness. Canon printers are available in different models depending on your requirements. Here are the top reasons why people use Canon MG3600 printers. Budget-friendly prices Canon MG3600 is a very budget-friendly printer.

These printers are usually for home use. People barely invest lots of money in home gadgets. Canon MG3600 is a very affordable printer for home users.  You may get other printers that range lower than your Canon but those printers won’t provide good functionality like Canon printers. All models of Canon printers are available at very good prices. Ink usage You may not be aware that the price of a printer also depends on ink usage.

If your printer consumes more ink, you may spend more money on ink than the printer itself. Cartridges can cost a lot and if you have to replace them often; you may spend hundreds of dollars on a cartridge every year. But CanonMG3600 has low ink usage which means you can use one cartridge for a long time. Once the cartridge gets empty, you can easily replace it and use a new cartridge. On this Canon printer, you can also use refilled cartridges. People sometimes install clone cartridges as they are cheaper than the original cartridges.

But those clone cartridges can harm the printer. On your Canon MG3600 printer, you can refill your cartridges. You can buy good-quality ink and then refill the cartridges. After refilling,
you can easily use them on your Canon printer. Easy Canon MG3600 setup Your Canon printer provides a very simple interface. You can easily configure your Canon printer with any device. For
connecting the printer to PCs, you can use the USB cable. The speed of cable connection is excellent, you can easily take lots of printouts in very less time. For other devices, you can connect
your Canon printer using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These connectivity options are excellent when you need to connect the printer to the phone devices. You can connect your Canon
MG3600 printer to your phone using Wi-Fi and take the
printouts easily.

Printer sharing

You can also share your Canon printer with others. At home, people have multiple personal devices but have a single printer. Instead of using the printer on one device, you can easily share
your Canon MG3600 with all systems. If you have a shared network at home, you can connect the printer to the network. After connecting to the printer, you can access all the devices on
that network.


The Canon MG3600 printer also provides a scanning function! You can easily use your Canon printer for scanning purposes. If you have a Canon MG3600, you don’t need to purchase a
scanner separately. At home, users can easily scan or copy documents. The scanning speed of the Canon printer is also good.


This Canon inkjet printer has excellent print quality. You can take bright printouts easily with your printer. Along with the documents and images, you can also take printouts of photographs. You can take printouts on different paper sizes. The Canon MG3600 has different printing modes. You can set
the mode depending on your requirements. For photographs, you can set the printer to high-quality mode. When you need printouts of images and figures, you can use the normal mode.
For black-and-white printouts, you can switch to low-quality mode. This mode uses very little ink for printing.


Canon printers are known for their speed. This Canon model offers excellent printing speed. You can take lots of printouts at once. The input tray can hold 80 sheets whereas the output tray
can hold 50 sheets. You can easily take a lot of printouts at an excellent speed. Black-and-white printouts take very less time to print. For increasing printing speed you can change the printing
mode to normal or low.

Printer size

For home use, Canon MG3600 is one of the best printer series. These printers are very compact and you can easily place them anywhere. As you know this printer provides wireless connectivity, you can place the printer anywhere and take the printouts. The Canon MG3600 weighs around 11.9 lb which
means you can easily carry this printer and place it anywhere.

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