Himalayan Lake Treks is a surprisingly beneficial turn of events when contrasted with different journeys, especially the lake treks. One can encounter life and nature in an alternate display with lakes around. The peace and serenity near the Himalayan lakes is something that can never be found anywhere else on the earth except in these places.

The campings and bonfires set in the night beside These lakes is a moment everyone wants to experience once in their life. Lake treks are a dream of each and every traveller. These journeys rethink experience and nature’s discourse. Here are some awesome lake treks that one should definitely try especially for all those nature lovers and enthusiasts. 

Kashmir Great lakes trek

The virgin excellence and the lovely visuals of the Great Lakes in J&K ought not to be missed. Being the most wonderful place on the planet, it’s wrong to miss doing an experience journey in J&K. The trip term is for the most part of 7-9 days and is evaluated as moderate to testing. The Great Lakes Trek requests actual wellness and mental assurance, because of the brutal climatic condition you’ll go over halfway.

The best opportunity to partake in the trip is during June and September when the environment is cool and is honoured with more than adequate vegetation. Maple trees, Silver Birch Trees and various sorts of trees should be visible headed to the objective. It’s one of the existential encounters which you shouldn’t miss.

Kareri lake trek

With a height of around 3,300 meters in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh, the Kareri Lake journey merits a visit. It is one of the greatest elevation lakes in the Indian Himalayan district and the lake is shaped by the inflow of dissolved waters from Mankini Peak. The lake fills in as the base district for adventurers and gets deep into the Dhauladhar range and towards Minkiani Pass.

The trip goes through spouting streams and lavish green glades giving an eye-satisfying visual. Beginning from Mcleodganj town and prompting Kareri town, the lake goes through a few astounding spots. The best time for Kareri Lake Trek is between May-June and Sept-Oct. 

Prashar Lake trek 

Encompassed by the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley is a blue-water lake called Prashar. Prashar Lake is an especially guarded bit of information in the Mandi area of Himachal Pradesh. The journey follows an enchanting path through the woods and a few creeks. In the meantime, one can partake in the neighbourhood culture as the path goes through towns too.

The journey offers a 180 degree perspective on the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges. For those inspired by design, the nearby sanctuary of Prashar Rishi close to the lake, with its bolting Himachali engineering, mixes impeccably with the scene. 


Chadar Lake trek

The word “chadar” refers to a sheet of ice that forms over the Zanskar stream. As it transitions from a fast-flowing torrent to a white front of ice in the winter. It turns into a frozen exhibition of glass ice going from a somewhat blue hint to brilliant yellow. That is seen during a couple of hours that daylight ventures directly into the abyss to the smooth whitish on a dusk evening – as said an excursion adventure like no other.

Chadar associates towns in the Zanskar valley (somewhere down in the mountains). With Chilling (headed straight toward Leh) along the frozen Zanskar River. This course has been utilized for a really long time. For exchange and transportation and is most solid in February when the ice is generally steady. 


Roopkund lake trek

Roopkund, in the territory of Uttarakhand in India, is a popular frigid lake. This lake is renowned because of in excess of 500 skeletons of people. They are found at the edge of the lake. ItIt is arranged in the Himalayas and rests at tallness of just about 4,800 meters. Each adventurer needs to do the journeying on a normal of 5 to 6 hours, winning weather patterns. By the way, this trip is protected and feasible for a novice, with an essential fit of physical make-up.

Each trip to Roopkund takes around 7 to 8 days. Also here is an interesting and mysterious fact about the Roopkund lake. Is one of the reasons why it is famous. Just when the snow dissolves are the skeletons noticeable, some of the time with tissue joined and very much saved. Until this point, the skeletal remaining parts of an expected 600-800 individuals have been seen here. In the movement business headways, the local government depicts it as a “secret lake”.