If you are a Blogger/Website and are looking for ways to improve your web traffic and reading, it is important to use (search engine optimization) SEO services in Lahore. It allows you to optimize your blog posts in a search engine friendly way. Your web reaches a larger audience and reaches readers who are really interested in what you write.

As a blogger, you need to stay alert and cover all the trending topics. But this is not the only job you can do. You also need to make sure your blog is recognized. Here are five great tips to help you connect with your target audience.

1. Do a good survey

The first step is to research your keywords. You are already using keywords without understanding the importance of SEO services in Lahore. However, you need to make sure that they are the right keywords. To do this, you can choose one of the online tools or check the keywords your competitors use to increase web traffic.

 2. Use keywords throughout the post

Once you have identified the relevant and valuable keywords, it is very important to place them on relevant sites. The places you can add are:

  • Nickname
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Captions and translations
  • End or last paragraph
  • Anchor text
  • Meta title and meta description

Do not enter keywords. Having too many keywords in your content can make it difficult to read. This frustrates the readers and increases the chances of them being fined. Use it strategically to mix it up with content.

3. Image Enhancement

If you are using images to upload to your blog, you must use keywords in the file name. Upon loading, you will also see a text box with alt text, description, and other keywords. Bloggers in or near Maryland, Washington DC can also sign up for SEO services in Lahore and take care of them all.

4. Reference link

A reference link is a reference to another blog or blogger through a link in a post. This is one of the most amazing blogging techniques that can provide a link (from the blogger you mentioned) instead. This is a practice that the blogging community also considers good etiquette. Try to connect your readers with high-quality resources. Otherwise, search engines will not consider the link as a good source of information.

5. Add a Subscribe button

Always give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your website when you finish your blog. If you add a sentence like “Sign up for the newsletter and receive regular blog notifications” or add a subscribe button, readers will click on it as needed. This way, they are notified every time you publish a new blog and they don’t have to check your website for new content on a regular basis.

6. Share your blog post using social media buttons

As a blogger, you probably already use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. Do you want to share your blog content using the same platform? Getting direct feedback from the people you know will give them more exposure and more motivation. If the social button is not installed on your website, contact your digital marketing company about SEO services in Lahore. Then they will do it for you. Additionally, you can use tools like Hootsuite to share your blog content across all social platforms at once.


You can use these simple SEO tips to improve your search engine rankings, web traffic, and followers. If you are too busy managing your own blog optimizations; Mobi9Tech has you covered. Our SEO services in Lahore experts can help.