Over the last few decades, much has been made about companies incorporating green decision-making processes into their schema. However, every successful business understands that nothing speaks louder than the bottom line, so the question becomes, ‘how can we go green while still retaining a healthy bottom line?’

Some solutions speak to both of these important considerations. At the end of the day, you don’t have to sacrifice profits for sustainability. PCR plastic, for instance, is but one of the materials proving that sustainability can be beneficial for brands, packaging companies and consumers, alike.

1. Improved Brand Image and Competitive Advantage

In the age of climate change and questions regarding man’s effect on the environment, consumers are turning more and more to companies that employ green practices. Brands that can impress consumers with effective green policies and with products whose quality doesn’t suffer as a result are likely to not only retain their base, but to increase it, especially if a marketing campaign can successfully demonstrate how the company’s green goals and great products go hand in hand.

2. Increase Productivity

Using rollstock machinery is one way that companies can lean into sustainability to increase productivity. When used to create stand up pouch printing, for instance, companies can produce modern packaging faster and with maximum efficiency, ideal for a wide range of markets.

Further, these days job seekers are conscious of companies that practice sustainability. Experts posit that these employees feel more valued by their employer are generally more satisfied with their jobs. Going green adds a sense of organizational purpose that employees respond to. This could be that Generation Z’s are much more concerned with environmental issues than previous generations and they strive to seek and support companies who adopt green practices.

3. Reduce Costs and Your Environmental Footprint

At the end of the day, responsible companies want to lower both production costs and the waste that is left behind. There are ways to do this throughout the company. Everything from energy-efficient lighting to rollstock machinery can positively affect the bottom line. Companies who use rollstock machinery can purchase lighter materials that are processed via automated machinery, thus eliminating the need for staff to monitor or work the assembly line. This method also produces less waste.

Going green can lead to the elimination of harmful emissions and toxic byproducts, thus eliminating costs for the safe and responsible disposal of such materials. On the other hand, companies that don’t practice sustainable methods are at an ever-increasing risk to suffer fines and penalties from watchdog agencies as the world becomes more concerned with the state of the environment.

Sustainability is increasingly important, not only for the protection of the environment but for companies being recognized for endorsing it. By creating custom sachet packaging out of PCR, for instance, companies can build on their customer bases while improving brand image and increasing productivity while simultaneously reducing costs. Check out a packaging supply website to learn more about how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand into the black.