Tourists from all parts of the country and around the globe love Mumbai for its beautiful weather. Tourists flock to the many camping sites located near Mumbai, which have seen a rapid increase in popularity over the years. These camping sites offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, making them a great choice for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This article will give you an overview of some of Mumbai’s most popular camping spots.

Pawna Lake

The Pawna Lake in Pune is an artificial lake that was created by the Pawna Dan, a  river. It can be found at about 117km from Mumbai. Tourists flock to Pawna lake throughout the year, making it one of the most visited camping spots in the state. This is why the lake is so popular. It is also close to Tikuna, Lohagad and Tung forts. This is the perfect place to go on a weekend trip, if you want to be away from the bustle and chaos of cities.


Karnala, a small town in Raigad district is located at about 49 kilometers from Mumbai. It is well-known for its camping and trekking spots. The Karnala fort, an ancient hill fort believed to have been built in the 14th Century, and the Karnala bird sanctuary are two of the most notable places of interest in Karnala.

The hilltop fort offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. The bird sanctuary, which is home to rare and endangered birds, is an absolute delight for bird watchers. Tourists flock to Karnala, one of the most popular camping spots in the state.


Lonavla, a small hill station situated approximately 96kms east of Mumbai is one of the most popular camping spots in the state. It is surrounded by lush greenery and attracts large numbers of tourists. Lonavala is home to many tourist attractions, including the Karla caves (Bhaja caves), Bedsa and the Lohagad fortresses. Khandala is also close by Lonavala.


Located in the Raigad area, khopoli is a popular campsite and industrial city. It is located about 73 kilometers from Mumbai. The city is located at the foothills the Sahyadri Mountains. It has many attractions including a fine oval-shaped reservoir made from black rock, a Parshurama Temple and Agni Mandir, as well as numerous other industries scattered throughout the region.


Igatpuri, a small village and hill station in Nashik district is at 130kms from Mumbai. The Vipassana International School, Igatpuri Railway Station with its beautiful views and other attractions are the main attractions of the town.

The town is also surrounded by the Sahyadri mountains, offering stunning views of the mountains and lush green valleys. It is a paradise for hikers and trekkers, and it is one the most popular tourist destinations in the state, especially during monsoons.


Tikona, an ancient hill fortress in Maval is approximately 120 km from Mumbai. Popular destinations for hikers and trekkers include the temples of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev and the water tanks. The Satvahan caves are also located on the top of the hill. You can also see the Pawna dam, lake, and nearby forts Lohagad, Lohagad, and Visapur from the hilltop.

Shirota Lake

The Shirota lake, located near Lonavala at a distance approximately 91 kms to Mumbai is another popular camping spot in the state. The serene and tranquil environment of the Shirota lakeside makes it a great destination for those looking for serene surroundings in nature. This region is home to a wide range of fauna and flora, making it a paradise for those who love nature.

Bhatsa Dam

The Bhatsa dam is an earthfill and gravity dam built on the Bhatsa River in Thane district. It is located approximately 93km from Mumbai. The region is ideal for hiking and camping. It also offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and other activities. Another reason for the region’s popularity is its rich natural diversity.


Dahanu is a coastal town in Palghar’s Palghar district. It lies approximately 110 km from Mumbai. The main attractions in the region are the Dahanu Fort, the Bahrot Caves, and the Kalpataru botanical gardens. These are just a few. The region is a well-known camping spot and has a thriving tourism industry.


Vasind, a sub-urban industrial town in Thane district, Maharashtra, is located on the banks the river Bhatsa. It is best known for its ancient temples and architecture as well as the picturesque beauty of the hills, lush green valleys, and scenic beauty.

Vasind is a popular weekend escape located at about 63 kilometers from Mumbai. It is a popular tourist destination and is stop by many who seek serenity and tranquility in the midst of nature.