Do you have an upcoming job interview? Going through a job interview might be intimidating and nerve-wracking. But there are ways for you to overcome those. Prepare to take some notes, as we will mention some helpful tips to calm your nerves down and help you prepare for the interview.

Research & Review

Of course, before going to a job interview, you need to know about the role you are applying for and what the business is all about. Research about the company and what they are about, and examine thoroughly the job description they posted. Job descriptions give out the qualifications recruiters look for an ideal candidate. Job descriptions might even give you an idea of what might be the possible questions your recruiter will ask.

Consider yourself to get into the job. Think of reasons why you want the job and are suitable for it. You should be prepared to discuss your desire to be part of the work and your qualifications for the position.

Practice & Prepare

Prepare your important documents. Write your resume and cover letter if you still haven’t. If you are having a hard time making those, many internet providers offer resume builders or templates and cover letter templates so that it’ll be easier for you. Don’t forget to provide multiple hard and soft copies of these documents. Prepare other documents the companies might require too.

Practice a mock interview. You can do this with the help of a friend or a family member. You can even do it by yourself while in front of the mirror. Practice answering simple and common questions like; why do you want to work for them? Why do you want the role? What are your strength and weaknesses? Practicing can help you get your thoughts straight, especially at the moment. Practicing can also help you notice your speaking voice and body language. Make your voice clear enough to be heard and understood, and make your body language open as if you are confident and competent.

When job interviewing in person, make sure to prepare yourself and your clothes. Make sure you know the way to the location before the date of the interview to avoid delay. Get ready for the clothes you will wear for the interview. In person or online, you must be presentable for your job interviews.

Confidence & Follow Up

When the time has come, be confident in yourself. Stand tall and proud to project confidence in the room. Stay calm and collected, remember your practice and preparations, and sell yourself. State your skills and qualifications. Present yourself accurately and positively. The fact that you possess professional abilities and experiences that could set you apart from other applicants makes acknowledging them to your prospective employer appropriate and expected.

During the interview, the employer doesn’t need to be the only one to be asking questions. Asking them questions back will give them the impression of your interest and attentiveness towards them. You want to engage with the employer and create a flowing conversation. If the interview lasts more than 30 minutes, you talk about salary, or you receive an invitation to a second interview, you know it went well.

Prepare for a follow-up note or email. It reiterates your desire for the job, making the employer remind them of your conversation. Show them you are genuine. Mention your job title and thank the interview. Make a note of the company name and a topic of discussion or objective that stood out as particularly relevant to your recruiter. Make a connection between that point and your experiences and interests, ask them if they have any other questions, and end by expressing you want to hear from them again.


Overall, your performance during the interview will still be up to you. Don’t forget to be confident, stay calm and collect your thoughts. You can take your time to allow and process your views when asked during the interview. Hopefully, this article helped you with what to do when the time comes. Just remember to don’t pressure yourself, and good luck!


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