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jeweller loupe
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Jewellers have to use loupes. Jewellers’ loupe is functional and effective only if they are used right. It takes some effort and practice to use jewellers’ loupes. Below are some tips and tricks you need to follow when using jewelers loupe. So let us get started.

1. Choose a triplet type of a loupe

The most important thing is to choose a triplet type of loupe. This type of loupe is available in optical shops. This type of loupe corrects two problems that the lenses encounter. These loupes do not have a colour on the edges of the lenses. They also do not cause visual distortion.

2. Choose an aplanatic and achromatic loupe.

It would be great if you chose an aplanatic and achromatic loupe. This loupe is specifically designed as it is free of external colours. This loupe has better control of the light and has a better focal point creating a clearer image.

3. Choose the one with a black body

The black colour absorbs light and reduces light reflection. So it would be great if you chose a jewellery loupe having a black body. This is how it will not let external light enter the way.

4. If required, move the gem

While observing the gemstones, if you require to observe carefully, you should move the gem and place the loupe in its place. You need to keep the loupe as steady as possible. This is how you can maintain focus when observing the gems.

5. Use both eyes when observing

When you use a jeweller’s loupe, it can be tempting to close one eye and open the other eye. This cannot always be the correct method to observe. Rather you need to keep both eyes open, so it can reduce the strain on the eye.

6. Have a proper light source

It is necessary to have a proper light source when inspecting the gemstone. The place should not be too bright or too dark. It is advisable to avoid any LED source as it is a harsh source of light. Overhead illumination can cast shadows on the stone. It is recommended to place the light source behind the stone. This is how you can observe the inclusions in the stone.

7. Clean the stone first

Before inspecting the gemstone, you need to clean it properly. This is how you will not mistake the dirt or dust with inclusions. It is recommended to soak the stone in ethyl alcohol and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

8. Hold the stone with a tweezer

The most common mistake when inspecting stones is to hold them with your hands. This is not the right thing to do. You need to hold the stone with a tweezer when using a jewelers loupe. However, you need to hold the stone mildly as a harsh hold can damage the stone. This is how you can use the jeweller’s loupe carefully and do a careful inspection of gemstones.

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