The Sanremo in Saudi Arabia is an ideal addition to your kitchen. The coffee makers are available in two designs, vertical and horizontal. It comes in vertical ergonomic design in grey color. This increases the beauty of your kitchen due to compact look.  This low speed masticating coffee maker is great because it provides coffee maker without heat generation. It means low oxidation and long preservation. The powerful heavy duty motor works with the speed of the 80 RPM. Due to the automatic pulp ejection, users need not hassle for cleaning and removing the pulp during preparation of the coffee. It offers simple control to its users with Off/On Reverse function. It makes the coffee maker clog proof. It means coffee maker will not be clogged. If it clogged once the reverse function will fix this issue.


  • maintains the nutrients, vitamins, natural taste and color for 72 hours
  • Vertical foot print design, takes less space
  • foam preventing oxidation and limits froth
  • over-sized spout, two big spouts serve easily
  • requires 110 volt voltage
  • It is formed with material that is known as ultem.
  • It is stronger that is normal plastic screen.


  • It is dishwasher safe and a healthy choice
  • Comes with 10 year warranty with 150 watt motor
  • Wipe to clean base
  • Automatically cleaning system

Suitable for home users

This comparison is between masticating and centrifugal coffee maker. This is the product that will be highly suitable for mothers and the aged people coffee preparation. You can prepare coffee maker once in a day and secure it for the whole day. On the other hand, if you buy the centrifugal coffee maker, you can get a speedy and noisy machine that provides you coffee maker instantly but all the time when you need it prepare instantly. You need to consume it immediately. The preparation time is same for both the devices.

Characteristics of a reliable coffee Machine

It is getting common these days because of the convenience of the users. There are numerous types of things available in the market of as per the requirement of the modern users. The idea behind designing this item is to provide the solace to users. It is highly efficient machine that is multi-functional. For the home users handling these machines will be very easy. It contains the technology that is highly innovative.

  • Coffee Quality

This is one of the most important features of the coffee machine. These are masticating coffee makers. The slow motor prepares the coffee maker without foam and oxidation. This means that coffee maker is secured with all its vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The quality is high as well as its yield. It does not produce heat due to which no foaming and oxidation takes place.

  • Soft Produce

When you are using the soft fruits and vegetables, it produces 20% more coffee maker. You can use all types of beans. It is a great product that offers high-quality of the results for the users. For taking the coffee makers, it provides low yield. It squeezes the ingredient and that can cause the less coffee maker because of the low amount of extraction. You will like sanremo espresso machines in KSA because it produces less foam.