Students looking to take the CUET in 2024 now have more information according to a statement from the National Testing Agency (NTA). The key to successful preparation is mastering the nuances of the CUET 2024 syllabus. To make sure you have all the knowledge you need to do well on the CUET 2024 exam, we will go over the exact details of the syllabus in this detailed guide.

For those seeking undergraduate degrees from prestigious universities in India, the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) is an essential exam. The CUET is a standard admissions exam for a variety of fields and is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Exam Highlights for CUET 2024 

Each subject’s CUET 2024 syllabus is based on the full NCERT Class 12 syllabus. Students must understand that the CUET exam syllabus follows the complete NCERT Class 12 syllabus, regardless of board affiliation (e.g., CBSE or ICSE). Let’s break down the syllabus into its individual parts –

Parts IA and IB—Language 

The language component assesses the candidates’ command of the language they have selected by looking at –

  • Books and Authors on Grammar
  • Included in both Section IA and Section IB are a grand total of thirty-three languages.

Part II –  Subject Matter 

The topics covered in this part correspond to those in the NCERT Class XII syllabus, which includes –

  • General Humanities and the Arts
  • Market Research
  • There is an extensive breakdown of each course’s syllabus according to its designated academic track.
  • The General Test (GT) is the third section.
  • The scope of the General Test (GT) includes –
  • Overview of Current Events and General Knowledge
  • Ability in Mathematics and General Intelligence
  • Deductive reasoning (containing the elementary use of principles from geometry, statistics, and quantitative arithmetic)
  • Reasoning based on logic and analysis

Complete CUET Course Outline 

To ensure that the test procedure is fair and transparent, the CUET syllabus remains consistent with prior editions. Shall we delve deeper into the course outline –

The English Syllabus for CUET 

Parts IA and IB of the English syllabus cover topics such as –

  • Critical Thinking Skills (Narratives and Poems Based on Real Events)
  • Language Skills
  • Word list
  • Similar Words and Expressions
  • Word and sentence rearrangement
  • Replacement of a Single Word
  • Writers and their works

Subject-Specific CUET syllabus 

The domain-specific course outline is identical to the Class XII NCERT course outline. Topics cover a wide range of fields, including –

  • Physical Places
  • Background Judicial Review
  • Studying Government
  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Various fields including sociology
  • The course outlines are extensive, containing all the necessary units and subjects for each subject.

General Test Syllabus for CUET 

To gauge a candidate’s general intelligence and capacity for reasoning, we administer the General Test (GT). Here are the details of the syllabus –

  • Overview of Current Events and General Knowledge
  • Ability in Mathematics and General Intelligence
  • Reasoning based on logic and analysis

Plan for the CUET Exam in 2024 

Successful study relies on familiarity with the exam pattern. The CUET 2024 exam format is as follows –

Parts IA and IB –  Thirteen languages (50 questions total; 40 points each language) half an hour for each language

Section II –  29 Domain-specific subjects (50 questions 40 marks 60 minutes for certain subjects 45 minutes for others)

Phase III –  Comprehensive Examination (60 questions, 50 marks, 60 minutes)

Candidates can choose a maximum of 6 subjects from all three sections including one language.

How to Do Well on the CUET 2024 Exam

Learn about the course outline – Get to know the CUET 2024 course and all of its details.

Make a Study Plan—Make a structured study plan that gives each subject and theme enough time

Regular practice: Solve sample papers, question papers from earlier years and practice tests to get better at managing your time and solving problems

Ask for explanations—Don’t be afraid to ask for explanations on ideas that are hard for you to understand. Ask for help from other teachers or online groups

Mastering the CUET 2024 course is the most important thing you can do to do well on the test. You can improve your chances of getting into the undergraduate school you want by understanding the ins and outs of each section and planning how you will study. Stay focused, don’t give up and start your path to academic success with confidence