The human race is known for its intelligence.  Animals have been used as props by humans since the beginning of time. Circuses and gambling games provided his entertainment. Human beings have not changed. Technology and science have made a significant impact. Numerous websites have been developed using these technologies. Betting on roosters online is possible on some websites. Websites like Wpit18 are examples of such websites.

How does WPC15 work?

In this context, we should be referring to the WPC15, which is the shortened form of the world pitmasters’ cup. The World Professional Championship 15 is a competition between two players.
Humans aren’t the only subject of this title. Animals such as chickens are included instead.

Philippines is the location of the fight despite its savagery.  Considering its cruelty to animals, it might be a good idea to boycott it.  The situation is different, however. It is possible, however, for this rivalry to be justified in other countries.

How does WPC work?

An explicit set of criteria was established to ensure that this event ran smoothly. Follow these guidelines if you are a member, a specialist, or anyone else.

  • Registration with the government is required if you wish to join the opposition.
  • This event will be well attended no matter where it is held.
  • Real-time interaction with the game is required (Wpit18 Live).
  • It is evident that registration audiences pay extremely close attention to cockfighting at this event.

Is exactly what it sounds like?

Pitmasters around the world can now be addressed in a more concise manner. Those who participate in these games are only a small portion of the members and their hens. Besides competing against their chickens, they also compete against other players.

Depending on the jurisdiction, these battles might be legal. These types of titles can also be sorted by individuals. provides more information about these titles as well as the enlistment cycle.

In What Way Does The Game Serve Its Purpose?

Wpit18 Registration reports that people bring roosters to fight on the open battlefield. Winners are determined by which contender has the most alive roosters at the end of each game. Many roosters perish at the end of this event, which makes it the most demanding.  There are frequent injuries and profuse bleeding in the roosters.

The fight against violence is now actively being carried out by many foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Our daily lives should be filled with respect and love for animals. Humans should treat animals with the same respect as animals.
When people are given the same treatment as roosters, they should think about how they would handle the situation.

Despite this horrendous act of brutality, the humanity of the people can be seen. Wpit18 Registration must be restricted to prevent this competition from taking place. Due to their ability to generate income, these events are well-known in the Philippines. A substantial sum of money is awarded to the champion and runner-up. Injuries and deaths during the game will not cause people to worry about their roosters.

Wpit18 dashboard registration: how does it work?

What is the registration process for Wpit18? You can also learn about logging into the WPit18 dashboard and registering there if you are interested. The process of taking part in this event is not as straightforward as you may think. The website contains regulations and procedures that must be followed.

  • For more information, visit
  • A listing of current positions, such as agent, can be found on the website.
  • To be considered for the position, you must apply.
  • It is possible to earn $5,000 to $15,000 as an agent after becoming one.
  • In addition, you can look at social media platforms for advertisements and perks. Facebook has an agent hiring page called “”.
  • Bank transfers or online payments are both options for accepting your payment.

How to register for Wpit18 step-by-step

These simple steps will guide you through registering for WPIT18.

  1. You will need to fill out a form on
  2. You will need to register a new account.
  3. Provide the requested information, such as your name, number, and Facebook ID.
  4. The form must be filled out and approved.

It is also possible to follow these steps.

  • There is a website you can visit called “”.
  • Look for the “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET?” option. GET IN TOUCH WITH US”
  • You can contact us by selecting “Contact Us” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can choose from the following options:
  • Whatsapp: 09451491761; Viber: 09638900729 for Philippines residents
  • You can reach Smart at 09632797978 and Globe at 09267339425.
  • You can register by contacting the administrator at the provided numbers.

A username and password will be assigned to you once you have successfully registered.

Registration is available online

WPC poses many risks, including violence against roosters. Inhumane treatment of animals can occur in WPC tournaments. It is easy to register online for the World Pitmasters Cup. Being aware of all the dangers is the only way to stay safe. As long as you begin in a few weeks, there is no risk to your money. offers a secure and legal registration process. The site also offers gambling and rooster combat games. Competition rules vary from match to match, but all competitors must comply with them and register with the organizers. WPC is supported by many people.

Aspects of WPT18 that make it stand out

As soon as you register, you can decide whether you want to play. Once you’ve registered, you can start playing right away. It is necessary to register before you can participate in the competition. The odds of winning will be higher. You will have a hard time winning. It is still possible to play, however.

This is one of the key benefits of WPT18. The WPIT games are available to professional online poker players. A customer can refuse to register with Lucky 8. It is possible for Lucky 8 to ban clients from the website if their application has not been approved. All customers are subject to Lucky8’s refusal of service. We have deactivated the website.  It is not required that website owners provide justifications for their decisions.
There are certain conditions attached to Wpit18 registration.


Clients may not be granted Player status if Lucky 8 deems it necessary. If a client does not wish to be registered as a Player, Lucky 8 can refuse to do so.  It is also possible for Lucky 8 to suspend a client’s account on the website.  The legality of such measures must be understood, however.  It is critical to know what goes on behind closed doors, even if websites are not required to provide justifications.