The 25th Island of Greece is popular because its name sounds like Among Us, and this makes it sound like a meme.

On social media, there are a number of new memes every month that ask you to Google something. Chainsaws and the reason for their invention are among the most popular. Along with ‘what dinosaur has more than 5000 teeth?’. Now, we have another one to add to the list. Twitter users are being asked to discover what the ‘25th island of Greece‘ is, according to the latest meme.

The 25th Island Of Greece

Among Greek islands, Amorgos ranks 25th in terms of size. The meme is called “Amorgos.” The name of the meme is similar to the title of the most popular game, “Among Us.” The meme asks people to determine what this 25th island of Greece is called. Please read on for more information. The internet is flooded with memes every month asking Google for help. One of the more famous ones is titled How do we feel about chains? Another is titled Which dinosaur has the most teeth? How many teeth? Teeth? Now, it’s time to introduce something new.  There is a new meme going viral on Twitter that directs people to discover what the ’25th island of Greece‘ is.

In which of the following places is the 25th Greek island located? How can this be funny? Keep reading.

Although it was released in 2017, “Among Us” was a global phenomenon last spring. They’re still very popular today because people who were locked up and trapped looked for new games to pass the time. They perform low-level tasks on an unmanned rocket ship.   In spite of this, a passenger on the ship was determined to destroy the ship’s crew. Death on the field affects everyone on the team, many of whom may be strangers from around the world. You can vote for whoever believes the imposter.  To cheat, a cheater must fly under the radar by criticizing another player or by flying under the radar himself. A fraudster will continue doing this until he or she has killed all the other members of the crew or has been voted on to the ship.


Twitter or other social media websites such as Instagram or TikTok may have been flooded with people talking about ‘the 25th island of Greece‘ recently.

There are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, 227 of which are inhabited. Why are we all talking so much about the 25th island?  This is all part of a viral meme, in which you are supposed to search online to find the name of Greece’s 25th island. If you search “25th island of Greece”, you’ll see the name, and social media users find this amusing.

Its meaning is “among us”. This is the reason why the word Amorgos is trending.

Last spring, when those in quarantine and lockdown were seeking entertainment to relieve boredom, it took the internet by storm, and is still quite popular today.

The game involves spacemen performing menial tasks in a rocket ship. A member of the crew plans to sabotage the ship’s safety and murder its crewmen, but there is an imposter among them.

When a player dies, the entire group gathering can include strangers from all over the world, gathers in order to figure out who the imposter is and then he or she is voted out of the game. An imposter must fool the other group members by either slipping under the radar or blaming someone else.

Which island of Greece is the 25th?

The Cycladic island of Amorgos is the 25th island of Greece, as you would have discovered by Google. Are you still confused about what the 25th island of Greece is? We understand, that you’re not the only one.

Is there any explanation for why the name ‘Amorgos’ has become so popular on social media?


The meme ‘25th Island of Greece’ is becoming increasingly popular because people are considering Amorgos to be a slang expression for ‘Among Us’. The game Among Us, developed by the American studio Innersloth, is currently popular with children. Even though the two words don’t sound the same, fans of the game find the joke funny.

What is the reason Amorgos has become a trending topic?

The spring of 2018 was a year of overall sensation for “Among Us”, regardless of how it was delivered. In times gone by, people who were imprisoned explored new games to relieve their weariness and relax, and these games are still very popular today. On the outer layer of the planet, a crew of astronauts performs exercises on rocket transport.

However, there was one member of the team who wasn’t prepared to put their safety and the well-being of the boat at risk. If a player drops out, the entire team, which may include members from all over the world, will be affected. Then, you should discuss who trusts the faker, and make a decision in their favor.

To fool the entire group, the miscreant should go unnoticed or scrutinize one of his colleagues in order to blend in. Either the fraudster is found on the boat or the individual kills each individual from the group until either he is found to be the one chosen or the individual is found to have been chosen for the boat.

The movement of the spacemen in the video game is repetitive

As they travel along with a rocket transport. Despite this, there is one person who threatens the boat’s wellbeing and wants to murder the team members in order to get sufficiently close to the boat.

Once every player has died, the entire crowd assembles to learn who the faker is and afterward removes them. This can incorporate outsiders from all over. Each player’s death is repeated in this manner. By slipping by the radar or blaming another part for their actions, the sham should trick the remainder of the posse.

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