As a country with more than 6500 islands, Greece is a popular tourist destination for tourists from around the globe. The number of islands with populations over 1000 is hardly more than 55, and 25 exceptional islands are worth visiting in Greece. It is true that most islands are smaller in size, but their charming scenery is what attracts tourists to them. There are only five larger islands among the 25 islands that can be visited, and the rest are smaller but still worth exploring. There is a hidden gem among the Cyclades islands on the 25th island of Greece.

The island isn’t as popular as other Greek islands because it is quiet and undeveloped. The city is not only famous for its history, but is also a great destination to escape the crowds for a few days. You might feel younger than you ever have in the past after visiting this place, all thanks to its peace and delight.

What is the 25th Island of Greece known for?

A spectacular landscape and a thriving culture make Ellas the 25th island of Greece. Even though it is a charming island, it gained fame when the renowned French movie Big Blue was filmed there. Inexplicable caves and legendary beaches also make it a popular attraction among visitors.

How to Reach the 25th Island of Greece?

There is no difficulty in traveling to Amorgos island. It is connected by ferry to other Greece islands even though it does not have an airport. As a result, you would be able to reach the international airports of Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, or Santorini. There are two ports where you can take a ferry to reach Amorgos island, Aegiali or Katapola. Those already in the Cyclades can book their ferry in advance.

Important things to know about the 25th Island of Greece

It is a fascinating island with Cycladic characteristics in addition to its endless length. The island’s clear blue water and iconic mountains attract visitors to its eastern edge within the Cyclades.

Located near the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, 25th Island is the neighboring island. There is an old folklore about it in pop culture. A super hit French film called Big Blue introduced the Island to the world in 1988.

If you have ever visited the 25th Island of Greece, saying goodbye is always hard. There are fewer attractive places on the island than on the mainland, but it is still appreciable despite its small size and lack of expanse. It would be obvious to spend time on the beach if you wondered what you could do in that small area.

While Amorgos is not just about its beach, it offers many other attractions as well. You will be captivated by this island because of its residents, whose smiles are more attractive than the daylight. A raw and ancient kind of gorgeousness can still be seen in its scenery.

Reasons to Visit the 25th Island of Greece

There are many reasons to visit this island!

1. Peaceful Environment

There is no shortage of prosperity among the Greek residents. Always smiling and positive, they soothe the soul with peace of mind. They give their visitors a warm welcome with their generous hospitality and kindness and are kind to one another. Friendly residents and a peaceful environment create a relaxing environment for the brain.

Visiting the 25th Island of Greece will help you relieve stress if you are tired from your daily activities. The best place to release endorphins is here, which is pretty funny to hear, but true. 

During breakfast or lunchtime, people would usually take coffee and Rakhi. Locals are accustomed to eating late at night, so bars are usually open until the early hours of the morning.

2. Custom Celebrations and tourism

Due to its fast-growing tourism industry, the island is becoming a popular vocational option. Customary celebrations are held by people, and you are welcome to attend. It takes a whole week for Easter celebrations and rituals to take place. It would be great to have you as a part of their community.

3. The Beauty of Hozoviotissa Monastery

An impressive memorial stone circle is located in Chora near Hozoviotissa Monastery. Among all the attractions on the 25th Island of Greece, it is the most significant. A sanctified Maryam was commemorated by this building. There is something spiritual and vibrant about the Hozoviotissa Monastery that transcends color, creed, and religion. Visitors are always welcome to this monastery regardless of their religious beliefs.

4. Simplicity and Chora Attraction

There is nothing spectacular or impressive about Chora, but it is exceptional for its simplicity, fascination, and simplicity. There is no doubt that you will be captivated by Chora on the 25th Island of Greece for a long time if you ever visit it. A fascinating, charming, and unique feature of Chora is its whitewashed stairs, streets, and buildings.

You can see a great deal of traditional expertise due to its architecture. The white architecture in Chora is astounding, so it is a real treat to walk around its streets. 

5. Hike to the Castle

As a result of the scary stairs, we can say that it is like climbing a mountain to get to the castle. As soon as you cross the threshold, you’ll be able to see the breathtaking scenery. It feels like you are viewing a picture of the fortifications across the entries.

It was built in 1290 to protect the 25th island of Greece, known as the Venetian Castle of Hora. Standing outside the village of Hora, the castle appears as a protector. When I reached the castle at the end of a long climb, it felt like Heaven on earth. Hora Castle offers a fascinating view of the village from above.

6. Aegiali to Chora Drive and Sunset

Driving Aegiali-Chora during or before sunset is a breathtaking experience that can’t be described in words. The Sunset Drive on Island is a must-do if you want to enjoy a fantastic sunset drive. It is at higher altitudes that the roads are located, but the views of the ocean and the sun at sunset are stunning.

Things to do on the 25th Island of Greece

This little island has a lot to offer! Let’s see what we can do!

1- Try Hiking

On Amorgos, hiking is one of the best things to do because it is one of the best things to do in the area. This heavenly place offers hikers wonderful views, so they can also enjoy the charming scenes of the Aegean Sea.

The island offers a variety of hiking trails that connect all its attractions. There are seven trail systems in the park, including Palia Strata, Evangelistria, Itonia, Photodotis, Valsamitis, and Melania.

Each trail is located in a different area and takes a different amount of time to complete. Every pathway is difficult to climb, so expertise is necessary for every tramp.

2- Enjoy Boating

On the island, you can also enjoy boating, which is another absolute must-do activity. A wandering on foot or using a vehicle is not an option for reaching many of the hidden caves and beaches on Amorgos. It is possible to find several boats on the island that can be used for a one-day boat tour that includes multiple stops.

From Aegiali or Katapola, you can charter a boat to discover the hidden beaches of this site. The sea and island are also breathtakingly beautiful from a boat. However, if you wish to enjoy the sunset as you sail on the Aegean Sea, you can also wait for sunset before returning to your port.

3- Relax on the Beaches of Amorgos

There are several beautiful beaches and pure water on Greece’s 25th island. Thousands of tourists relax on the seashores of the Aegean due to its crystal blue water. There are several beaches in the Cyclades region where tourists can relax after a busy day, so if you want tranquility for a change, head to Amorgos’ beaches.

It is easy to spend the whole day on golden and white sand beaches next to turquoise-blue water, which will soothe your soul and delight your body. In Amorgos, you can spend the day at one of the more than 15 beaches. 

4- Taste Amorgos Food 

All of Greece’s islands are centered around Amorgos, which offers traditional and mouth-watering eats. When you visit the island, don’t miss the delicious food. Among the island’s most popular seafood items are octopuses, oysters, squids, and mussels. Sea fish is also available at a low price, and it can be enjoyed with fried rice.

Amorgos’ potatoes are also one of its best foods, and you should try them at least once. The fresh ingredients used in smoothies, juices, and omelets are also of the highest quality. Apospero, Transistoraki, and Amorgialos are some of the best restaurants on the islands where you can enjoy the best dishes. It is impossible to find better seafood than that served at Apospero restaurant on the island.

5- Fresh-water Activities

Island tours are incomplete without water activities, as life on the islands revolves around water sports. It is always a pleasure to swim and snorkel in the turquoise water of the sea.

Scuba diving and surfing are also popular here because of the calm waves. With its small pebble caves, Mouros beach is a spectacular beach with easy access to swimming. For those who are not comfortable swimming directly from the beach, cave sides are a good alternative.

6- Explore The Amorgos Botanical Park

An area within the famous Katapola, the Amorgos Botanic Park exhibits the remarkable flora of the Cyclades island of Amorgos. In addition to offering tasty drinks and snacks, the outdoor restaurant sells organic native products.

Several events follow, such as a botanical science laboratory that produces herbal stock with native herbs. However, it is also possible to enjoy music concerts, yoga classes, theatrical performances, etc. Their biological garden grows herbs that are used in delicious contemporary salads and beverages.

There is a pleasant surprise in the heart of Katapola village in the form of Amorgos biological science Park. A hidden garden designed with an eco-friendly slant brings nature’s joy to its visitors.

7- Sweeten Your Pallet with The Desserts of Kallisto

In Kallisto, sweets are prepared according to Greek methods. This restaurant serves tasty sweet omelets as well as sensible cheese pies. Sweets, cakes, and pastes are also available at Kallisto in Chora Amorgos. 

A hand-crafted ice cream shop is also available for visitors with an ice cream craving. One of the most popular pastry shops in Chora is Kallisto, located on a charming street adjacent to a bit-painted chapel.

Top Sites to Visit on the 25th Island of Greece

There are some amazing beaches here that you can enjoy!

1- Tholaria

Aegialis is surrounded by Cycladic nature, including trees, flowers, herbs, and rocks, and the small settlement of Tholaria is tucked away within. Featuring painted homes, pretty terraces, and painted alleys, the village is a model of traditional Cycladic architecture. You’ll find the oldest restaurant on the island, “Horeftis” (The Dancer), among a variety of ancient tavernas and cafes.

During this village, visitors can discover one of the most charming sights, which is the church of Agioi Anargyroi. Its tiny size does not deter tourists from visiting Tholaria because it offers the opportunity to see the native culture and lifestyle. In order to experience authentic island architecture, you should visit the village.

2- Xilokeratidi

This little settlement located in Katapola Bay is the gateway to Xilokeratidi. For the island as a whole, it remains a historical area.

There are three little settlements that make up the Katapola region of Amorgos, including Katapola, Rachidi, and Xilokeratidi. You can find Agios Georgios’ church within the little hamlet of Rachidi. Xilokeratidi, opposite the port, has pretty slender streets and ancient taverns, making it the most picturesque spot in the bay.

Aside from cafes and taverns, it is lined with moorings for fishing boats and visiting sailing boats. The town has a very small low sand beach in its central region, where you will be able to walk or take a bathtub boat to other nearby beaches.

It is interesting to visit the excavations of the traditional Minoan town that are on the hill over Katapola.

3- Arkesini

In the southern part of the 25th Island of Greece, Arkesini is the oldest settlement on the island. Korakas mountain provides panoramic views of Arkesini from its homes on the slopes.

settlers from the nearby island of Naxos founded the ancient town of Arkesini around 900 BC. With spectacular views of the Aegean and its islands, the place is referred to as Kastri (castle). One of the village’s most important archeological features is its four-hundredth-century tower.

A number of classical finds have been found on the rock. There are also structures from Roman times, Cycladic times, Hellenic times, and Middle Byzantine times. Fortifications and buildings from the Venetian period have been ruined.

4- Kamari

Located within Kato Meria, Kamari may be a mountainous village settled 10 km from Amorgos’ capital. With charming stone homes and stunning flower yards, the town maintains its ancient character. 

Located two kilometers from Kamari, Mourou is a highly recommended beach. In Amorgos, Kamari is renowned for its peacefulness and fascination. The tiny Cycladic churches are scattered throughout a densely populated area that is also a great place to hike. A ancient bastion called Arkesini is close by.

5- Potamos

Located approximately 18 kilometers from Amorgos’ capital, Potamos is the earliest village with the least population. Aegialis is a beautiful bay on northern Amorgos, situated on the slopes of a hill. As a result, it offers breathtaking views of the ocean. The houses in Potamos are colorful, have blue windows, and narrow streets are sealed.

The village has a charming fantastic aspect, as you can stroll in the slender alleys. It is equally breathtaking to see the spectacular serenity of the Aegean. A spectacular sunset over the Aegean can be seen in Potamos away from the crowds.

In terms of design and standards of living, it is quiet, picturesque and unbroken. There is a fantastic view of the dry land and the bay of Aegiali from the village as it climbs up the slope above the flat land.

6- Vroutsis

The village of Vroutsis is situated on a hill southwest of Amorgos and about 11 km from Chora. The region is primarily populated by fishermen and cattle breeders. Also, the first traces of human occupation in the settlement date back to the tip of the post and the Middle-Cycladic period (3rd BC).

Despite its picturesque location, the village of Vroutsis is only composed of a few white houses with well-adorned balconies and flower gardens that provide a sweet basil fragrance. A friendly group of people welcomes you in Vroutsis.

This area has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that allows guests to spend some of the most memorable vacations. The village has diverse fascinating sites to visit, such as the church of Agios Nikolaos in Kamari, and the former settlement of Markiani. In addition, the space contains remnants of the traditional city of Arkesini.

7- Lagada

Lagada, the most mountainous village on the 25th island of Greece, is situated on the slopes of Krikellos, the highest mountain on the island. The village is located about four kilometers from Ormos Aegiali. As well as beautiful churches, small alleys, painted homes, and lots of hiking paths, Lagada is also an ancient village.

Several fascinating attractions can be found in and around Lagada. There are many attractions in this town, such as Panagia Epanochoriani, Agia Triada churches, Stroumbos settlement, and Araklos ravine. Each corner of the village is connected to the main road by a network of slender lanes.

8- Kalofana

On the southern side of the island, Kalofana is an associated agricultural village. Colorful gardens and the standard style are consistently adorn the painted home unit. The village has typical painted Cycladic houses and a church known for one of the island’s most important festivals. 

Amazing Hotels on the 25th Island of Greece

This island of Greece has some great places to stay.

1- Vigla Hotel

Its location and services make Vigla Hotel the best choice at this price point. Their rooms are spacious and clean, with an exquisite terrace, where you can admire the port’s amphitheater. Tholaria is a village in Amorgos where friendly locals will welcome you with a smile and help you have the best vacation possible.

This hotel offers spectacular views of the Aegean and beautiful mountainous landscapes for an unforgettable holiday in the Hellenic region. The Vigla hotel offers rooms for $120.

2- Amorgion Hotel

At the port of the fantastic 25th Island of Greece, Amorgion is a lovely, compact building with a lovely pool. There is a website for the Amorgion building that offers deals and refundable rates with free cancellation.

Breakfast is a favorite of business guests. A bar and garden are available to guests at the aparthotel. In keeping with Amorgos’ standard Cycladic design, the Amorgion building was constructed on three acres of divine land. It costs between $65 and $70 to book a cosmic room.

3- Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Thalassotherapy is available at the hotel Aegialis. Aegiali beach lies adjacent to the hotel, which is located on the 25th island of Greece, Cyclades. The hotel has daily connections from Mykonos and Santorini islands, making it a worthwhile stay. Beautifully situated on a hilltop overlooking the Bay of Aegiali on beautiful Amorgos, this hotel offers stunning views of the bay.

In a convenient, elegant setting, Aegialis building & Spa combines ancient Amorgian cordial hospitality with a tranquil, reposeful ambiance. You’ll notice clean and comfortable rooms that relieve stress and temporary tiredness. $165 is the price for the rooms. 

4- Yperia Hotel

There are a number of taverns and retailers right next to the Yperia building. Three minutes walk will take you to the picturesque Amorgos city and the Aegiali Port. Astronomical rooms with outstanding views of the Aegean and Aegiali’s port are available in the building.

Restaurants, hiking trails, and beaches are all nearby, making it a top-rated location. However, you will find the rooms airy and the beds comfortable during your stay. For just $80, their guests can get the best suite.

5- Pagali Hotel 

A holiday in this Amorgos hotel in the Cyclades is an ideal way to spend your holiday. A stay at Pagali Hotel is an authentic and stunning experience in Greece. Restaurants and bars are also close to the hotel.

As a result, it engulfs you in peace, excellence, and comfort. Also, guests can enjoy the stunning ocean view, sunset, and sunrise from high above Aegean. Get a room reserved for $110 when you arrive for a comfortable stay.

6- Galaxy Hotel

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place to stay on Greece’s 25th Island, Galaxy hotel is the ideal choice. Featuring 13 modern and cozy rooms, the hotel overlooks the Aegean Sea with a balcony beside your room.

A short review of Galaxy edifice will tell you that it is a wonderful place to stay on the most beautiful island of Greece, which is the 25th. An excellent stay for 40 dollars awaits you with clean rooms, excellent service, and lovely bay views.

7- Minoa Hotel

There’s nothing like visiting the beautiful and friendly island that’s exceptionally worth every penny paid. The Minoa hotel is the perfect place to stay. Located in Katapola Port, Minoa is a Cycladic-style building with a central location, next to mini markets and restaurants.

With its top-quality services, Minoa in Amorgos aims to make your stay in Amorgos the most memorable experience of your life. A room here can be booked for $75, which makes it one of the most affordable places to stay on Amorgos.

Final Words

Several historical ruinations have been discovered on the island, with a temple and earliest dilapidations. Currently, there is a monastic settlement on the site. When you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the island is often a good choice due to its serenity. It may also be better for you to take an escorted tour of Greece if you do not like to roam around alone.


Why is 25th Island of Greece trending online?

Despite its rugged natural beauty and charming beaches, the gorgeous 25th Island of Greece has recently been trending on the internet. Among Us, the popular video game, is known for its same-sounding name, “the Amorgos.”

Why is Amorgos called the 25th Island of Greece?

A total of more than 6,000 islands exist in Greece, of which 227 are inhabited. A total of fifty-five Islands are populated by over a thousand people, and twenty-five of them are exceptional destinations for tourism. As a result of its size, one of them is known as the 25th Island of Greece.

What is the location of the 25th Island of Greece?

In the Cyclades group of Greece islands, the 25th Island stands out as one of the most picturesque. In the southern region of the Cyclades archipelago, it lies near the islands of Ios and Naxos.

In which weather should you visit Amorgos island?

Warm temperatures are maintained all year long on Amorgos. Winter, however, has a higher probability of rain than summer. Temperatures are kept at about 18 degrees Celsius on average. The island can be visited any time of year, but try to avoid going when it’s rainy because it will ruin your holiday.


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