When you invest a considerable amount to generate response among the target customers, you have to check whether the medium you are using for advertising is strong enough to convey the message. Car stickers have become a very popular way of advertising. But it will work only when you know how to use the various elements of designing the decals and use them appropriately to represent the brand.

No overloading

You have to control yourself from incorporating too many elements in the decal design. Many business owners think that using vibrant colors, much writing, and big images will work the best. But then the problem is that such people forget to assess whether the decals are becoming too much of branding.

  • Restrict the use of colors to a couple or three, and try to be within the color range of the brand. Sometimes, the visual experience of the colors becomes the image of the brand.
  • If you have got too much space on the car wrap, there is no need to fill it up with something related to the brand or stuff in as much information as possible. Instead, keep plenty of blank space.

You must be wondering how can leaving empty space can promote a brand. Yes, it will, but indirectly. The empty space always manages to put more focus on the text and image present on the sticker. As people will get to look at the car decals for a brief moment, you need to ensure that the entire attention is on the main theme, be it the tagline, logo, or artwork.

No use of the flowery font

You like using stylish fonts. But the font that looks nice on a piece of paper may become the biggest challenge for branding through car stickers. Every experienced decal designer will suggest the use of a font that people can easily read even from a considerable distance.

  • Using the intricate cursive fonts won’t allow the target customers to even read properly what you have printed on then decal within the short time of exposure to the writing.
  • People may also misread the name of the company owing to the stylish font use.

Instead, stick to the traditional bigger and simple font that will allow people to read easily what you have printed on the sticker.

Don’t limit to sides

A vehicle is a three-dimensional object. So why are you only focusing on branding with decals o the windows? You can use the different parts of the entire car body and plan or customize the decals so that people get to see interesting designs that will add to the popularity of the brand.

But don’t forget to check the legal clauses. In many states, stickers on the windows are illegal. So, plan accordingly and get help only from experienced professionals who can suggest the best ways to fulfill your expectations.

Use practical sense

Finally, marketing and branding are all about using practical and common senses. If you can find out innovative ways of using the decals for vehicle branding, you may benefit from the application of such unique ideas.