When most people think of New Orleans, they think about music, partying, food, and excess: what they don’t realize is this is one of the best places in the world to live. From affordable housing to a deeply interesting and long history, there’s no city that has as much depth as this one.

These are the coolest neighborhoods in New Orleans, and what makes it paradise?

What Makes New Orleans Cool?

The top things that make New Orleans as cool as it is are the music scene and the nightlife! These two parts of the city are intrinsically connected, feeding each other and helping the town grow bigger and more fantastic.

Beyond that, everything from New Orleans houses for sale, to the food, to entertainment is all extremely affordable. Although there are a few upscale areas, most are within reach of anyone who can budget for them. It’s easy to fall in love with how much you can do and see here, even if you’re tight on cash.

1. Bywater

If you want to feel like you’re living in the boonies, despite being in the city, try the bohemian flair of Bywater. This great area has everything from an outdoor restaurant built from recycled items to some of the top music and art studios in the city! 

2. Marigny

Just outside of the French Quarter, this beautiful area of town is best known for its music clubs, bars, and restaurants. Although tons of tourists flock to this area, they keep things interesting and will ensure you’re entertained every day.

3. St. Claude Avenue

If you want to live somewhere as vibrant as possible while getting in touch with your creativity and fun side, it’s time to head to St. Claude Avenue. This beautiful area has endless entertainment, from live improv to comedy and dancing lessons.

With a reputation for being artsy, you can find a few vegetarian restaurants like the Sneaky Pickle, but you can still find amazing spicy food like Red’s Chinese. This area is great for young professionals and artists.

What to Know Before You Move Here

Before you move to New Orleans, it’s important to know a few things about the city! This area has a long and complicated past that is important to know before you move out here. Even less recent tragedies like Hurricane Katrina still deeply affect the locals, so if you didn’t live through it here, you might not want to joke about it.

There’s a lot of spiritualism here and beliefs or jokes about ghosts. If you’re easily scared by that kind of thing, or you can’t handle a lot of religious imagery or talk, this might not be the city for you. Although nobody will shove their religion onto you, it’s still a conversation that hangs in the air regardless of where you go. 

Every New Orleans Neighborhood Is Fantastic


Whether you’re moving here to find a little paradise or you’re trying to boost your musical career, there’s no place like New Orleans. Consider moving to one of these fantastic neighborhoods to feel a little magic.