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What is the market for modern chef’s knives? The struggle for world technological leadership today has been reduced to finding the perfect knife ergonomics, blade geometry, minimum butt thickness, and the best steel. 

The result is a flawless look, master cut, and sharpness retention. It is for these indicators that the world’s knife giants are fighting: Arcos, Wusthof, Zwilling JA Henckels, Yaxell, Global, KAI, and Miyabi. Small private companies are trying to wedge themselves into this fight, but it is simply meaningless without many years of experience and expensive equipment.

We present to your attention the current rating of chef’s kitchen knives according to Rezat.Ru! It should be noted that by the middle of 2019. The Asian knife kitchen school is the undisputed leader in terms of forms. This is a worldwide trend because even eminent European manufacturers paid tribute to the popularity of Asian knife favorites by releasing several new products made in their traditions.

1. Yaxell Kiritsuke.

 And the winner of the summer rating of chef’s knives – brutal and functional chef’s knives Yaxell Kiritsuke. Yes, that’s right: all Kiritsuke knives from Yaxell are declared winners. As a collective image of the 2019 favorite. knife schools recognized the superior products of Yaxell.

Brutal chef Yaxell Kiritsuke just “broke” the rating and became the most popular cooking tool in the first half of this year. Kiritsuke knives have made a splash in the kitchen cutting tool market. They are an organic combination of a chef knife and a slicer with a more brutal, spectacular appearance and certain advantages. 

Thanks to a straighter edge, the cutting speed increases, and it is more convenient to work with the blade. Like a spatula when transferring products, the sharp tip of the blade expands the functionality of the knife. Yaxell offers the consumer several versions of the Kiritsuke model, differing primarily in the steel from which the core is made – this is VG-10 and SG2 powder steel. Depending on the number of layers of steel in Damascus lining, the appearance of the knives is also different – connoisseurs of the Japanese style, of course, 

2. Miyabi knife 34401-201

“Silver” winner of our chef’s premium rating – Miyabi knife 34401-201. Equipped with a Damascus blade (133 layers of steel) and a burnt ash handle. This knife is for those who appreciate uncompromising quality and high class, a real gift for knife gourmets! The blade of the knife is a package of super-hardcore – MC66 steel (aka ZDP-189) with Zwilling JA Henckels proprietary FRIODUR cryogenic hardening.  Hardening guarantees the strength of the blade with a hardness of 66 HRC and very long edge retention. The handle is especially burnt ash. Special heat treatment is used to stabilize the wood. Japanese manufacturers install handles of this type only on the most expensive and sophisticated knives.

3. Wusthof Epicure

Impressive Wusthof Epicure Santoku knife with wide Granton blade and stabilized wood handle. The knife was designed by Björn Bergen for the Epicure collection. The combination of a wide base of the blade and a relatively thin handle of a thoughtful anatomical shape provides the most comfortable work with a knife. The popularity of this line among the European consumer is very high.

4.  Yaxell Ran Gyuto NEW

“Chef” Yaxell Ran Gyuto NEW  – one of the most popular and titled chef’s knives from Yaxell in a new version with grants.


The classic Gyuto knife in this version is combined with a slicer – the result is simply amazing! Mounting type – hidden Full Tang, the handle consists of two halves attached to a solid shank. This is the most reliable design. 

5. Global SAI-02

Stylish knife from  Global SAI-02 with a blade made of CROMOVA 18 SANSO steel and a handle made in the style of Bushido. The handle is hollow – and this is no coincidence. The handles of all Global knives are filled with quartz sand to achieve the perfect balance. The special raised form of a handle increases the comfort of working with a knife. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 European restaurants use Global knives in their kitchens. Well-deserved presence in our rating!

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