The benefits of blue light glasses

blue light glasses

Let’s get right into it! Not all of the blue light is harmful. Some exposure to blue light is expected, but since it can penetrate the retina, it is sensible to minimise your exposure where possible. But what can you do it? Well, very simple, you can use blue light filtering glasses. Still, when is it suitable to use them? Keep reading! You will get the low down.

Blue light glasses are not only suitable for blue light filtering but are also beneficial for people with eye strain stemming from the use of computers or other gadgets. Specifically, it has been described that exposure to high-energy blue light can increase the risk of macular degeneration. For this reason, it is always advisable to avoid exposure.

Blue light glasses have, as their name suggests, a filter that blocks the light emitted by the screens that are harmful to vision. Here are five main benefits of using blue light glasses.

  1. Protection from screens  

People who work with screens or who use them frequently need additional protection against the light they emit. Particularly by using glasses with a blue light filter, you will obtain adequate protection, reducing the exposure of blue light that reaches your eyes.

The protection that these glasses offer you is optimal. At all times, the blue light that reaches your eyes will be reduced significantly and will improve your long-term visual health, and you will also reduce the level of daily eye fatigue.

  1. Improve sleep cycles

Surely it has happened to you that after using the mobile or the tablet—it has been difficult for you to fall asleep. That’s because of the high-energy blue light emitted by digital screens, which can disrupt your circadian rhythms. For this reason, one of the measures that must be taken into account is not to use the screens before going to bed to rest the eyes well and avoid relaying our natural release of melatonin.

But, there is an alternative: use glasses with a blue light filter. Glasses of this type adequately filter the blue light from the screens, which also helps to maintain the circadian rhythm and, with it, the sleep cycles.

  1. Take care of visual health

It is important to keep in mind that retinal alterations such as macular degeneration are irreversible issues. For this reason, taking care of visual health is so important. When the eyes are overexposed to artificial blue light from LED light sources, visual health is put at risk but with blue light glasses you can keep yourself protected.

  1. Suitable for all kinds of needs

The blue filter can be applied to all types of glasses and lenses, so regardless of the kind of need you have, you can add this filter to your eyewear.

  1. Reduce eye fatigue and improve contrast

Another advantage of blue filter glasses is that they reduce the feeling of eye fatigue. Logically, it is a considerable benefit to reduce visual stress at the end of the day. In addition, they improve contrast and colour perception. Another of its advantages is that this filter can also be applied to lenses that correct other visual impairments

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