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Knowing the ideal THC dosage for cannabis will allow you to explore the vast world of cannabis. Planning for a trip requires time and effort, and the same holds for finding your optimal dose for cannabis. You can know the right dose for marijuana for different product types you may receive through weed delivery in Milton. In addition, you can find out how to adjust the dose and how different factors may affect your cannabis high. Now, let’s find out how you can know your right dose for different types of cannabis products:

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Knowing the Ideal Dose for Marijuana Flowers

Smoking marijuana flowers will lead you to experience the cannabis high fast. You may expect to feel the high within the minutes of inhaling cannabis smoke. It will also aid you in finding out whether you have consumed too much or too little. Roughly, cannabis high from flowers peak for 30 minutes before tapering off for an hour. You may already know that cannabis strains broadly vary in cannabinoid and terpene content. Additionally, lab-tested cannabis products you purchase from licensed and legal weed dispensaries come with the certificate of analysis. It helps cannabis users make the dosing process accurate and easy. You can look for the THC percentage on the package of your cannabis flower to expect your cannabis flower high.

Flowers with 10% THC or less: Mild high

The flowers with 10% to 20 THC%: Strong high for beginners

Flowers with 20% THC and above: Highly potent high

Note the THC percentage before flower consumption, take one puff, and wait for 15 minutes. It will aid you in finding the potency and your ideal dosage for cannabis flowers.

Knowing the Ideal Dose for Marijuana Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are very potent with an average THC content of 60 to 99 percent. You can consume cannabis concentrates in large quantities with a dab rig. However, dabbing is never the ideal option for beginners to smoke cannabis. Only veteran or seasoned cannabis users should experiment with dabbing cannabis concentrates. Begin with a scoop of marijuana concentrates for dabbing and not bigger than a grain of rice.

What about Vapes?

Most vape pens and cartridges have pre-filled cannabis oil, that’s a type of cannabis concentrate. Vapes heat cannabis oil to a vaporization point while creating a vapour that cannabis consumers inhale. Vaping can produce a quick cannabis high within minutes and peaks after 30 minutes. Thus, you should cautiously vape while you do it for the first time. Make a note of the THC percentage of the vape before consumption. Take one pull from your vape pen and wait for 15 minutes to sense the ideal potency for vaping.

Knowing the Ideal Dose for Marijuana Edibles

You can also purchase cannabis edibles from online weed dispensaries and receive them via weed delivery in Milton. Cannabis edibles suit people who don’t prefer smoking to enjoy the high and experience the medical benefits of cannabis. Our body processes THC differently when we ingest cannabis edibles as compared to flowers. The liver converts THC into 11-hydroxy-THC after the digestion of cannabis edibles. 11-hydroxy-THC is a more potent compound than THC; hence, the effects of cannabis edibles last longer than flowers. Cannabis users also experience more sedating properties of cannabis with the consumption of cannabis edibles. The effects of cannabis edibles can take 30 minutes to two hours to trigger. Moreover, the effects can last for several hours, contingent on the dose and users’ metabolism.

In the case of cannabis edibles, you will need to consider the potency in milligrams than THC percentages. For instance, you may purchase a package of 100mg THC gummies with 20 gummies in it. It means each THC gummy has 5mg THC. You can determine the right dosage for cannabis edibles while understanding the flowing numbers:

1 to 2 mg THC: A microdose for beginners

2 to 5 mg THC: A low dose based on tolerance

5 to 10mg THC: Most common dose for recreational cannabis users

10 to 50 mg THC: A strong dose that suits experienced cannabis users

50mg THC and Above: A very potent and typical reserved dose for medical cannabis patients or daily cannabis users

Make sure you order your favourite cannabis product types online from a reputable weed dispensary, such as DoorBud.


Knowing the ideal cannabis dose will let you explore the vast world of cannabis. Moreover, it will help you pleasantly experience the high and medical benefits of cannabis. Summarized are the ways for you to know the right dose for cannabis you may receive via weed delivery in Milton:

  1. Flowers: Note the THC percentage before flower consumption, take one puff, and wait for 15 minutes. It will aid you in finding the right potency and your dosage for cannabis flowers.
  2. Concentrates: Begin with a scoop of marijuana concentrates for dabbing and not bigger than a grain of rice.
  3. Edibles: Begin with 2mg initially and increase your dosage with time once you become accustomed to the consumption of cannabis edibles.
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