Discrimination is a biased approach of people and groups based on other people’s characteristics. It is not only limited to disability but caste, gender, language, sexual orientation, race, and beliefs are incorporated in it. Disability discrimination is when you are treated less due to not being able to perform certain activities due to your disability or you look different compared to a normal individual. In this article, we will examine the adverse effects of discrimination and possible practices to deal with it. 

Steps to deal with discrimination

Discrimination can not only affect your mental health but physical health too, if not addressed on time. 

Always try to find healthy ways to deal with discrimination.

Below are some of the tips which will help you deal with discrimination. 

Focus on your strength by believing in yourself. Hardships are a part of life, present hardships help you to deal with the upcoming challenges. So keep yourself determined and motivated. Following your core values and beliefs will further boost your confidence. Cleveland clinic bipolar disorder can be choose for better treatment.

Whenever you faced discrimination you find yourself stuck in a situation when you have no idea how to respond. You want to respond to that But afraid of the consequences you prefer to be silent. Rather than an effective response, you end up ruminating. Which is not good for your mental health. The best way to deal with it is to sit down at a quiet place and make a synopsis of how you should respond and what you will do when you come up with a similar situation next time. When you determine how to react, then forget that incident because it will do nothing except give you more stress.

Look for a support system. Most of the time, people will realize that you are not worthy and we all know that they are wrong. But you just accepted their negative belief. And it will do nothing but lower your self-esteem. In these cases, a support system is required and your family and friends are the best support system. Talk to them and share your feelings. Your family and friends remind you of your worth. 

Make a social circle which consists of like-minded people. Get involved in a healthy and productive discussion. You will get to know that there are multiple people who have the same thought and suffering and how they overcome it to make their life healthy and happier.

Keep yourself calm, The level of stress, anger, and disappointment is higher among the people who are facing discrimination. It will do nothing but affect your mental health and eventually physical health. Keep yourself calm by doing healthy activities like mediation, reading books, breathing exercises, etc.


Disability discrimination is a global issue and we can see multiple policies facilitating disabled people all over the world. But the positive outcomes are very low. There is still a low employment ratio, less education, bullying, and mental health issues. Syed Ahmed md psychiatrist is one of the best psychiatrist in town. We should realize that this Responsibility is not link with the higher authorities but with society as a whole. We should make a culture to motivate special persons, encourage rather than bullying. It will require a major social and cultural shift and attitude changes. And for now, we can only hope that we will see a world where there will be no place for any kind of discrimination. 

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