If you wish to create a Wikipedia page, then you need to follow the guideline and requirements set by Wikipedia. A writer has to follow them for Wikipedia Page WritingWikipedia is a huge platform that has billions of visits each day. It is a source of marketing as well. No business or person can be termed famous until they are present on Wikipedia. It is because of the fact that any person or business is termed reliable and authentic if it has a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is among the top ten websites in the world. Maintaining this spot-on internet is a huge achievement in itself. This builds the credibility of the site.

Let’s look at the steps needed to create a Wikipedia page.

Account creation

After reaching Wikipedia you need to create an account. Simply create an account and just log in. The process is very simple. A simple form is to be filled in to create an account.

Become an editor

There are various articles and pages on Wikipedia that need to be edited. Read them and look for anything that requires editing. An important thing to keep in mind is to not make any unnecessary editing. This falls in the category of Vandalism. Vandalism refers to edits that are fake and untrue. Edit only when it is required. And the edit you make should be real and based on facts.

Create Article

Creating an article is the most important part of your Wikipedia journey. To create an article, the topic should be selected carefully. Try to search for different topics that you are interested in. If a topic is covered try to find another aspect of covering it. This will make your work unique.


When you are covering a topic, you need to have a good command of the topic. This is where research is required. Try to collect information from all the reliable sources on the internet. Keep in mind that the sources you use should be credible. Make use of various internal and external sources.

Make an outline

To make the content readable and reliable, it is important to create an outline. The readers on the page usually don’t have a lot of time. This is why they are searching for an outline that helps them in having an idea about what will the article cover.

Create a draft

Now is the time to finally create content for the page. Try to provide information in an engaging tone. remember the purpose of the page and write. Keywords also play an important part here. Search for high-frequency keywords and add them to your writing. These keywords are optimized for search engine optimization. When you use high-frequency keywords the chances of improving ten ranks are more.

Add citations

Adding the right sources is an important part of Wikipedia page creation. This makes the page legitimate. Adding reliable sources to the page is essential. These could include a journal, magazine, website, book, or article.

Submit for review

Now is the time to submit the page for approval. The approval time ranges from 3 to 6 months. Many times the page is not rejected by Wikipedia. Only a few minor edits are required. So, you need to wait patiently for the process. And if the page gets successfully approved, you will receive an email from Wikipedia. Page rejection can occur if any of the guidelines is missed.

Maintain after approval

After getting your page successfully approved, you cannot sit back and relax. It is your responsibility to look after it. There can be a time when it needs updating and editing. The maintenance of the page is required.


Wikipedia page provides a lot of benefits to a business or a person in the online world. It is a good platform for marketing indirectly. The page does not allow the prospects to market themselves by prohibiting them the use of a promotional tone. But it allows them to keep themselves on the page by introducing them in an informational way.