The move sparked outrage among Barcelona fans, with Real Madrid securing him a world record of 38.38m. And here the fun begins, in the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, when Luis Figo, on a corner kick, was thrown upside down by Barcelona. The second incident occurred during the 2004 European Cup final between Greece and Portugal. A Portuguese fan stepped off the pitch, managed to bypass the police and headed for Louisiana, throwing it at the Barcelona shirt while watching the whole world.

The most amazing gold medals went to the stars of Nigerian football

when they beat Brazil in a thrilling 4-3 semi-final. The final was played between Argentina and Nigeria, followed by over 2 billion people, obviously most thought Argentina would have no problem winning a gold medal, but most of them were wrong. Argentina were in the driver position after leading 1-0. The scorer was Claudio Lopez. At 28 ‘the guests equalized after Babayaro broke through the center and went up 1-1. Then the result was 1-1. Early in the second half, Hernan Crespo gave Argentina the lead and Argentina were on track for gold, but “not so fast,” Amokachi said as he equalized and gave Nigeria hope. The game was almost over and everyone thought it would be decided on penalties. 90 minutes and Amunike led Nigeria, it was a shock for Argentina, time was almost up, Argentina had no chance, so the final score was 3-2. Nigeria won the gold medal for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games.

held in Buenos Aires in mid-2001, considering racism

as a form of violence that involves carrying out discriminatory and disrespectful acts, based mainly but not exclusively on dividing people according to their color, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, urged all national federations and continental confederations to launch continuous action against racism and agreed to celebrate an International Federation of Associated 해외축구 중계사이트 World Day against racism in football , as an integral part of the campaign in favor of fair play.

Football or soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport on which to have a spread bet and there are a massive number of bets available in both the long term markets (full season) and on individual matches.


There are a wide range of totals bets available in football, such as Goals, Corners and Shirt Numbers – all of them working in roughly the same manner. Remember though, that extra-time does not count for these markets.


Based on the total number of goals predicted for that match. May be quote as something similar to “Manchester Unite v Chelsea 2.7 – 3.0”. Stakes are usually take in tenths of a goal, so in this example, if you sell low at 2.7 with a stake of 10 pounds (i.e. 100 pounds per whole goal), and four goals were score, you would lose 4.0 – 2.7 = 1.3 x 10 pound stake x 10 = 130 pounds.


Based on the total number of corners accumulated by both sides in a game. A typical quote on corners in a Premiership match might be 11.5 – 12.5.

Shirt Numbers

A prediction on the aggregate number of shirt numbers for all the goal scorers in a match. If Manchester United were to draw 1-1 with Chelsea with Drogba (shirt number 14). And van Nistelrooy (shirt number 10) scoring the goals, then the Shirt numbers would add up to 24. A typical quote on shirts can be anything from 24-28 in a Nationwide or international game up to, say.  45-49 for a Premiership game which might feature a player wearing a No 40 shirt.


This market works in much the same way as Totals. Although in this case, a certain number of points are award for yellow and red cards. Ten points are give for each yellow card and 25 points for each red. Up to a maximum of 35 points per player. So if a player receives a red card as a result of receiving a second yellow cardH he will be deem to have been show one yellow card and one red card (35 points). Any card show in extra time or after the full-time whistle has been blow does not count.