Data recovery software is a must-have utility that will have your back when you accidentally lose your data. You may consider the services of iTop data recovery, which prides itself as one of the best services. This iTop product does its best to live up to its claim, evident from its quality, translating to reliability.


To enjoy your experience with this software, you should upgrade to the premium plans. You choose a preferred subscription from the one-month, one-year, and lifetime plans. Is it worth going premium with iTop data recovery? Yes, it is worth every coin you spend. The following are reasons why you should upgrade.

1. Amazing Discounts

Most of us might have an issue subscribing to the premium plans due to the associated costs. Do not worry about this, as the plans are affordable and come with impressive discounts. The one-month plan goes for $26.99. This may be pricey to some people.


You can get a superb deal by going for the one-year plan, where you pay $2.5 monthly, billed at $29.99 for the duration of use, a 70% discount. The lifetime subscription offers the best deal, where you pay $39.99, translating to an 80% price cut.

2. A 95% Success Rate

This tool is the best data recovery software because of its effectiveness. It has a 95% success rate in recovering your lost files. It is an excellent value, meaning most of the retrievals will be successful. Rarely will it disappoint you, mainly when dealing with complicated situations like device damage.

3. Recovers 1000+ File Formats

A problem with some data recovery tools is that they can recover a handful of file formats. They are ineffective as they won’t retrieve some of your data due to their design. That is not an issue you will encounter with iTop data recovery, as it can recover over 1000 file formats, including videos, audio, documents, and photos.

4. Handy For Over 100 Data Loss Situations

You can lose your data in many ways, for instance, virus attacks, mechanical damage, faulty device, system crash, etc. This data recovery tool will have your back in various data loss situations, as long as the device is not dead.

5. 24/7 Priority Support

You have round-the-clock priority support at your convenience in case of issues when using this utility. You should not worry when you encounter a problem with this iTop product. The efficient support team will respond promptly to your queries and help you out fast. You will continue enjoying the tool’s services in a short while.

6. Money-Back Guarantee

If not satisfied with the services offered, you can request a friend. The one-year plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee, while the lifetime plan lasts 60 days—contact support for guidance on your refunds.


iTop data recovery is a reliable tool to help you recover deleted files Windows 10. For the best service, you should upgrade to the premium plans. We can see some of the perks you will enjoy from the move. Go pro and take advantage of more features.