There are a number of individual people who are lightweight and want to gain some weight. But they lack to do so because they only want to gain a healthy weight that does not affect their health condition. Because of this, many people do not even try the process of gaining weight. But in this modern era where knowledge is wide spreading and easily attainable. Plus, there are some tips that can help you to gain weight in a safe way without any worry. Another thing is that you have such organic and healthy food items that can help to gain weight from Kissed Earth.

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The tips that can guide you to gain healthy weight without any stress on your health condition are pointed down below:

Make a diet plan for weight gain:

Making a diet plan can help you to gain weight safely. This is because in order to gain weight, you need to eat more often. A diet plan of a normal is 2 to 3 times a meal for a day. This diet consists of very heavy-loaded calories that can make you have health problems if you do not check your calories. So instead of eating high calories food, increase your meal to 5 to 7 times a day with normal calories food items. The benefit you gain from it is that your weight will gradually increase and have a check of your health status.

High consumption of fruits and vegetables:

When you plan to gain a healthy weight safely, add fruits and vegetables to your daily food consumption. Some many amazing vegetables and fruits will help you gain weight and keep your health safe. For example, eating dates can help you lower your cholesterol level. Plus, it can provide you with the instant energy you need. You can also eat soybeans, which are rich in proteins. You must remember to add bananas to your diet to gain weight. Plus, have potatoes, corn, green peas and pumpkins to experience an amazing weight.


Have healthy drinks:

In weight gain, most safely, the main focus is on your diet. The type of food diet you eat and drink will show the end result of your struggle for weight gain. So to talk about healthy drinking calories, that include milk, juice and milkshakes and smoothies. These healthy drinking calories will help you gain weight. Plus, you need to avoid certain drinks that can harm your health: tea and coffee soda. When you drink these unhealthy drinks, you gain an unhealthy weight that is not beneficial for your health.

Have Protein:

Red meat like beef, goat, and organic chicken can fulfil you with the protein you need. Protein is also an essential thing for a healthy body. Plus, protein is also an important reason for weight gain. People who lift heavy weights for muscle mass need to eat red meat to get proteins. This is because proteins can help your body gain muscle and recover the energy you need. But to have a healthy protein food then, you can get salmon fish that can help you to have the healthy protein quantity you need. Salmon fish is very healthy and help you to gain a healthy weight without any health disorders. 

Have meals before your workout and after your workout:

 To gain weight, you need to work out and do other exercises. You need to treat your body very carefully when you exercise. Before starting your workout, you can eat a small amount of carbohydrates and protein to recover from the workout easily. Another thing is that you eat after your workout with a time frame of at least 2 to 3 hours. This is because you need to digest the meal you eat after your workout in a safe way. When you eat a meal before and after a workout, you can balance the weight gain and your health condition.

Have some healthy desserts:

You can also eat healthy desserts to gain weight. You can eat dry fruits and chocolate that can amazingly satisfy your taste buds and help you gain weight. Plus, you can have other chocolate-prepared food items to have once in a while. But you also need to intake these sugary items because they can rapidly increase your weight if you do not care about them.

Try to have a routine check-up at the hospital:

This is because you need to become an expert in weight gain safely. Frequently checking at the hospital can help you to know the progress of your weight gain. Plus, the doctors will guide you on what to eat and to do for healthy weight gain. People eat for weight gain and end up becoming an overweight person. So you need medical attention during the process of your safe weight gaining safely.


You can easily get the desired body weight you want for yourself. But you need to check all the things in balance so that you can get the results you want