Road transport in UAE is an integral component of any comprehensive shipping plan, enabling large volumes to be quickly moved long distances with greater precision and lower costs compared to air freight solutions.

Al Nowras Road Transport Oman offers comprehensive shipping and logistics solutions at competitive rates with 24-hour customer support available to their clients. Their staff can work closely with you to create a plan tailored specifically to your shipping requirements.

Door to Door

Road transport is an essential element of any successful logistics solution, connecting businesses to global markets and aiding in expansion efforts. KSL Logistics offers comprehensive transportation management services tailored to fit the unique requirements of each of their clients’ businesses and objectives – their team of professionals work closely with you to understand these objectives and create solutions which meet them head on.

Your needs for less-than-container load (LCL), full container load (FCL) and break bulk shipments can be handled seamlessly by these experts. They offer air freight, sea freight and rail freight at highly competitive rates for door to door delivery service backed by supply chain intelligence, technology and personalized services that connect businesses globally.

Their fleet of 200 trucks includes forklifts, trailers and reefer vehicles to meet the specific cargo demands of different cargoes. Their flexible trucks feature flatbed, low-bed, long deck, triple axle and air suspension options so as to accommodate bulky or overweight shipments with ease. In addition, they offer high-end warehousing services as well as integrated logistic support services.

Al Nowras Logistics Solution was established in 2007 as one of the premier and reliable logistics firms in Oman and UAE with an expansive presence throughout the GCC countries. They specialize in custom clearance and shipping goods between GCC countries via Road, Air or Sea freight options – while their 24-hour team stands by to meet your logistical requirements.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process of compiling and submitting various export and import documentations, such as sales invoice, packing list, shipping bill, bill of lading/air waybill and certificate of origin. It is mandatory and can take minutes or hours. Once cleared by customs authorities, goods will be inspected by customs agents who then pay any applicable disbursements and release them if approved; if they don’t meet requirements they are held until any outstanding paperwork can be corrected.

Al Nowras Logistics Solution can assist in any aspect of logistics for both small shipments and larger projects. They offer road transport, trucking services, cargo handling, documentation services and warehousing – as well as their fleet of flatbed, lowbeds, triple axle and air suspension trucks that are capable of moving heavy machinery and equipment.

Sohar-based freight forwarding company committed to world-class service and customer satisfaction is dedicated to offering air, sea, rail and land freight services for various commodities at highly competitive rates. Their experienced team offers air freight services via plane, ship or train and can offer LCL, FCL or break bulk shipments as well as special bonded shipments for savings both time and money – they even help clients complete export documentation or import procedures!


Road transport is an integral component of logistics systems, connecting sellers to their customers. Unfortunately, it can create its own set of complications such as congestion in urban areas, high operational costs due to toll systems and environmental pollution primarily by means of emissions.

Trucks offer more flexibility for pickup and delivery dates, enabling a greater understanding of TAT (Time-Arrival-Time). This ultimately helps manage customer expectations more effectively.

Road transportation requires less paperwork compared to sea or air shipping; however, compliance with certain regulations (e.g. raising invoices in accordance with transport bill format, toll bills and transit insurance etc) remains important.

However, these issues can all be overcome with improvements to the logistics system e.g. route optimisation, use of fuel-efficient vehicles/EV trucks and shared load PTL over FTL shipping etc. Along with increased funding from government initiatives this should help resolve B2B road freight transport issues in India and ensure its continued place among India’s primary logistics modes of freight movement. The future looks bright for road transportation!