What is the Rice Purity Test?


The Rice Purity Test consists of 100 questions that determine how ‘pure’ you are. Generally, college students ask these questions about relationships, sex, alcohol, law, etc.

With each question you are asked, the questions become progressively nastier until you reach the 100th question. A purity score is assigned based on how you answer the questions.  If your score is high, you are more innocent or pure.

In 1924, Rice University developed the Rice Purity test, which was initially intended for women only. In addition, the student newspaper Rice Thresher published another test of the same type. Various universities have adopted it over the years, including Berkeley, UCLA, Purdue, and others.

How to Take the Rice Purity Test?

Below is a description of how you can take the rice purity quiz on our website.

  1. Visit allricepuritytest.com with your web browser.
  2. Start the Test by clicking the ‘Start Test’ button.
  3. 100 questions will be displayed on the new page.
  4. If you answered yes to a question, click the question. It will be marked as checked.
  5. Do not click the Next button if your answer is No.
  6. You can calculate your score at the bottom of the questions list once you have completed all the questions.
  7. Once you have completed all the questions, the score will be displayed.

Make sure you complete all the questions on the purity test to get the most accurate score. Do not skip any questions. Be honest, of course.

Why do Students take this Purity Test?

During Orientation week, the purification quiz was designed to help freshmen students bond with the seniors and form connections with them. Most students with lower scores ended up in a small group of friends, while the coolest students in the university tended to be those who scored high on the purity tests.

It has now become a standard tool for millennials to judge their reputation among their college friends after all these years. The score determines if the student wins or loses during his or her college years.

You would be surprised to learn that high school students take this test nowadays and their scores might be lower than yours!

Find out whether you are the most pure!

Here’s a test that determines if you’re an innocent or a badass. Therefore, your score tells something about your personality, how social you are, and how much you spend on private matters.

Here is how the rice purity score is calculated.

In the range of 98-100:

A score between 98 and 100 indicates that you are most likely either 12 years old or extremely introverted. With such a high score, you are essentially pure (which is even more difficult to find these days).

Scores between 94 and 97:

A score of 94 to 97 is still considered pure. A romantic relationship or breaking a law never crossed your mind. Most likely, the naughtiest thing you’ve done is hold hands or kiss your first love if you’re lucky enough. It’s that simple.

A minimum of 77 to 93 years old.

The average college student in the US scores in this range on their purity test.  You are beyond the average pure person stage if your score is also between 77 and 93.

Your significant other may have kissed you or you might have been on a romantic date. The good news is that you are safe!

You are between 45 and 76 years old:

You have had a hectic life so far if your score falls in this range. Every moment of your life has been a memorable one, whether it was intoxication or sexual experiences.

Still, you respect the law and don’t have criminal thoughts or behave indecently with members of the favored gender group.

In the range of 9 to 44:

You have your share of wild behavior if you score 9 to 44 on the rice university purity test. If you have ever stumbled over drugs or slept in a jail cell, there is a good chance that you have experienced those things.

A high score is also indicative of an active sexual life with your partner (or partners).

In the range of 0-9:

Do not tell me that your score is between 0-9! That is absurd. Rice purity scores of 0-9 indicate that you’ve touched many wild things. This includes illegal activities that may have been fatal.

Other Quizzes Like This Rice Purity Test

Purity Test became so popular that many other tests based on the same questionnaire format were created. Depending on the situation, these tests are targeted at different people.

Here are a couple of tests similar to the Rice Purity test.

  1. The test is called the innocence test because it is designed in a way that can determine whether a person is innocent.
  2. The Kinky Test basically explores the sexual life of an individual and determines if he or she is kinky enough to get into bed.
  3. The women’s purity test includes questions that are related to activities that only women would do. Instead of the standard 100 questions, this one asks about activities only women would do. It is based on this evidence that it determines a girl’s ‘purity’.
  4. Like the previous test, this one is intended for boys only as it features questions about things only boys do.
  5. Dating Purity Test: This is another version of a purity test that is targeted at couples in a relationship or those who have experienced a relationship previously. Basically, the questions relate to the relationship as a whole – romance, compatibility, private life, etc.


  1. How do you determine the purity of rice?
    It is generally considered good to score between 77 and 93 on rice purity tests. College students usually score between 77 and 93 on purity tests.
  2. How many rice purity tests do college students take?
    Rice University students who have taken the Rice Purity test have scored an average of 72. Scores vary from university to university.
  3. What is the significance of the Rice Purity test?
    In 1924, Rice University created this test, and hence it is called after the university. Rice Purity Test is the name of this test.
  4. Do high scores in this test indicate good quality rice?
    The majority of students believe the higher the score, the better the rice. With a higher score, you are less pure than someone with a low score.


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