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Reverb Nation is a platform that artists use to launch their careers and also allows free music downloads. Big names like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons are say to have gotten their start on Reverb Nation, sharing their music for free and building a loyal fan base. With a community of nearly 4 million artists, labels, and users, Reverb Nation helps you immerse yourself in their catalog by offering cool features like the Discover app and site page to help you find out who’s going to be the star of the show.

Sound click

Lastly, we can also recommend Sound click . It is a platform that has several established artists that sell their songs at a reasonable price or allow you to simply download music for free. Almost all themes can be find for free download. Sound Click has been online since 1997, so it has millions of tracks in over a dozen genres, including hip-hop, country, jazz, alternative, and more. That makes it a great place on the Internet to download free music without having to pay royalties.

Download free music from you tube

If what you need is to download free music for YouTube videos, you may not know that Google’s own video website has an audio library with free new mp3 that you can add to your creations at no cost.

It is a continuously renewe catalogue. You can search or filter the library, choose by genre or mood, or search by license type. Of course, you can only use the audio files for your videos. YouTube explains the conditions: “You will not use the music files from this library in an illegal manner or in connection with content of that nature” and “You will not supply, distribute or reproduce the music files from this library independent of your videos.”

Sure, there are ways to enjoy YouTube music without breaking the rules,

Like Google’s YouTube Music service. We recommend you first consider those legitimate options.

If you don’t want to install an app or program to download free music to MP3, you can use online services like YouTube to MP3, a website that has a free converter for YouTube videos.

Make sure to use your antivirus software to scan those services and any files you download when downloading free music. YouTube to MP3 works similar to the desktop method: just copy and paste the URL of your desired video and let the website convert the video to an MP3 audio file.

With this service to download free MP3 music you don’t have to install anything and it offers the possibility of uploading your MP3 track to a cloud service, like Drop box, instead of saving it on your computer and transferring it to your cell phone from there.

Download free music from Vimeo is a service well know for the short videos that its users post, but it also has a music archive.

Many of the songs are pay, but sometimes it allows you to download music for free. The annoying thing is that you have to register and log in every time you want to do it.

How much artists on Spotify charge for their music

Hook sounds is a platform that describes itself as a collection of carefully curate, royalty-free, exclusive free music produced by select musicians that you can download and even use for (non-commercial) videos for your social media and more.

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